Upgrade to iOS 7 Gold Master Right Now [Tutorial]

install ios 7 gold master right now without a developer udid

Apple announced the iPhone 5C and 5S yesterday, but that’s not what we’re here to discuss. iOS 7 Gold Master release was seeded to developers and you know what that means?? Oh, you don’t know what that means? Well then, let me explain. The Gold Master (GM) release of the iOS software is basically the final version of the software that developers can download and test their applications on. It’s no longer a beta version, so it no longer requires a registered UDID in order to install it (although we all know that wasn’t the case with iOS 7 betas anyways). The only problem is you have to be a developer in order to gain access to the firmware files. Lucky for us there are people out there that like to leak the firmware files for all to enjoy. So as long as you know where the find them you can update right now with no repercussions, other than the fact that it’s technically illegal, so we don’t condone this…

This release will be exactly the same as the iOS 7 version that comes over-the-air to all devices next week, so if you update now you won’t have to update again next week when it’s officially released. And with that being said, let’s jump in to how to do it.

Note: iOS 7 requires a beta version of iTunes in order to restore backups, and other things with the phone. I’ve included a link to the MAC version of the iTunes beta, but I don’t know if there is a PC version

How to install iOS 7 Gold Master (GM) Right Now, No UDID REQUIRED

  1. THESE ARE MAC INSTRUCTIONS, It might work on the PC, but as of this post there is no iTunes beta for PC.
  3. Download and install the latest iTunes Beta here
  4. Download the iOS 7 firmware that pertains to your phone (it won’t work if you get the wrong version)
  5. Once download, double click on the .dmg firmware file and move the .IPSW file to your desktop.
  6. Plug in your iPhone and open iTunes.
  7. On the MAC hold the OPTION key on the keyboard and click the UPDATE button in iTunes. (On PC hold shift)
  8. Browse to your desktop and find the .IPSW firmware file and open it.
  9. Let the phone do it’s thing, and that’s it.

Enjoy iOS 7 a week early, but don’t blame us if something goes wrong, we assume no responsibility if you mess something up or lose all of your data. Make sure you back up your phone before attempting any of this!