The reasons to use liquid cooling V’s air cooling in your PC

liquid cooling pc

The one thing that stands out when you’re using a desktop computer is the amount of noise that it makes while you are using it. If you’re reading this article right now it’s highly likely that you are using your computer to do just that and so you probably can hear the fan working in the background keeping your computer cool. If you own a computer that was designed specifically for gaming then it’s probably using a lot more processing power and so the sound of the fan may be even louder. Fans have been used for such a long time to keep the electronics within our PCs cool but when it comes to people with high processing hardware in their computers, a normal fan may not provide the right answer.

This is why liquid cooling is a much better alternative because it provides a number of different advantages when compared to using a fan. If you use a computer every day that delivers speed, power and graphics then you need a much better and more advanced cooling system. Many people are still in the dark when it comes to whether or not they want to choose liquid cooling or are cooling and so here are some of the top reasons why liquid cooling might be the right choice for your computer.

  1. Much higher efficiency – If you use your computer a lot every single day in a working capacity or in the gaming capacity then you need your PC to be consistently cool at all times and so a fan only starts working when your computer begins to overheat. Water cooling is much more efficient than cooling because the water absorbs the heat much more effectively because of its conductivity and this helps to keep the many components in your computer cool. You are now contributing to society by reducing your carbon footprint.
  2. Much less noise – Many computer owners install more than one fan into their PC case and so this creates quite a lot of noise in your workplace or in your home. You may feel that this little bit of noise isn’t distracting at all but it is actually having a detrimental effect on your hearing. When you use a water cooling system, it is a lot quieter and so you don’t have many fans operating in the background interrupting your focus when you are creating a particularly important graph or you are trying to get to the next level of the game.
  3. Cooler temperatures over time – Computers get hot much like you do on vacation and this applies to our laptops as well. Your PC will use the air around it to try to cool down your computer system but what happens if the air in your room is hot also. Fans only respond to an increase in heat while liquid cooling keeps your PC running a lower temperature at all times.

The other thing to think about is that liquid cooling takes up much less space than fans do and it is also particularly useful if you live in a country that experiences hot weather all year round.