T-Mobile Launches the HTC G1 Android Phone (iPhone Killer)

The supposed “iPhone killer” was released today in the form of the HTC G1 running Google’s new Android OS software and it doesn’t look bad, you can check out the first commercial embedded below and a link to a little demo video over at Gizmodo. It’s a little cheaper than the iPhone at $179 through T-Mobile, I’m assuming that’s with a 2-year contract as well. It has a full physical QWERTY keyboard unlike the iPhone, but I have no problem with the iPhone keyboard anymore. It has a 3 megapixel camera but can’t do MS Exchange or sync…. which is weird. It’s also a little thicker than the iPhone, but still reasonable in size. I don’t know about this one, personally I think it looks pretty cool, especially the accelerometer google street view controls. Basically you turn it on and hold the phone up and whichever way you turn/more the phone, street view will move with it as if you’re actually standing on the street looking at the address you searched for. But other than that it looks like it does what the iPhone does, only not as much. I guess we’ll have to see once it’s released how it is accepted and if I can get my hands on an unlocked one to check out.

Demo Video