Support Services Exin Professional Certification Exam

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The ability to provide support services remains a crucial part of the IT focus and function within an organization, even amidst innovative expansions into other realms of information service management and communications. The Exin Professional Support Services exam (IS20PS) is a test that measures the competency of IT professionals to provide consistent, reliable and dynamic support services, and all within the standards for ISO/IEC 20000 quality and efficiency.

If you’re seeking validation of your professional expertise in the IT support services arena, then the Exin IS20PS exam will achieve your goal. This exam, which features 40 questions, is a professional level exam from Exin that confers an associate certification upon successful completion.

To best the Exin IS20PS exam, you’ll need to achieve a passing score of at least 65 percent, and you’ll have 90 minutes to complete the test. Achieving this score requires a well rounded knowledge base in the subject matter and in depth understanding of the specific topics covered on the exam, topics which include planning processes, implementation, management, monitoring and reporting of IT support services, as well as the ability to improve on support services to increase efficiency, promote productivity, and ensure quality.

Whether you have extensive experience in the IT support services realm or are only now building your expertise in the field, you’ll need to ensure you’re preparation activities for the IS20PS exam are sufficient for earning a passing mark on your first attempt. Focused training is available in the subject matter and the Exin website contains helpful links to recommended training providers. Self study options are also available, including tutorials and full length practice exam from sites like