Sprint Announces Kyocera Echo Dual-Screen Cell Phone

kyocera echo

Sprint held a big even last night which they promised would introduce us to an industry first and I guess technically they were right, although I really can’t see this thing taking off. The Kyocera Echo is a dual touch screen cell phone that almost resembles a Nintendo DS if you were to remove the buttons. It’s not the most attractive phone in the world and personally I would not buy one, but I don’t want to pass judgement without getting to try it for myself. It’s running a 1ghz snapdragon processor and Android 2.2 that’s been highly customized to utilize the dual screen setup.

To be completely honest I don’t think this is the direction that Kyocera should be going. They claim that they want to bridge the gap between cell phones and tablets, but this thing is just ugly. It’s kind of cool that you can use the 2 screens separately or as 1 larger screen, but I think the gimmick is going to wear off quickly. I don’t know, I was expecting Sprint to announce something a little more appealing than this, but I guess we’ll have to see how it sells.

What do you guys think of this phone? Does it seem like something you’d be interested in?