South Park: Season 15 Premiere – Human CentiPAD (4/27/11)

south park season 15 premiere

I can’t find an official synopsis for tonight’s new South Park, but it looks as though Steve Jobs is launching the next big thing when it comes to technology, the Human CentiPAD! Looks like a blast to use! I can’t wait for tonight, and I’ll be back tomorrow with a recap.

The iPad 2 is the new hot item on the playground and everyone has one, including Cartman… or so he wants people to think. His mom is making him wait until his birthday to get his so in the meantime he’s glued a piece of glass to an iPad 2 case and is pretending he’s cool and everyone else without one, isn’t. When he gets caught he storms off and bitches at his mom that she’s always trying to f@%# him by not buying him one right now. Meanwhile Kyle is being stalked by executives from Apple because he agreed to the terms and services of iTunes without reading them and apparently those terms give Apple the right to kidnap him and do whatever they want with him, which is to sew his mouth to another dudes ass and then his ass to another chick’s mouth forming a Human CentiPad.

So Kyle gets kidnapped by Apple and turned into their latest prototype as Butters, Stan and Kenny try to figure out why he would Agree to something he didn’t read. They eventually team up with Kyle’s dad, who is a PC user, and head to the Apple Store to talk to the Genius’ who inform him that the only way to null the Agreement is to sign up with Apple and put Kyle on a family plan which then allows Kyle’s dad to have to approve all of the agreements for him. Reluctantly he agrees and Kyle is released, must to the dismay of Steve Jobs and Cartman because at this point Cartman has made the daytime TV rounds telling everyone that his mom is f$#%ing him so Dr. Phil hooks him up with the latest and greatest Apple product, which is the Human CentiPad…

I thought it was a pretty solid start to the season.