SnapChat Instagram | I Don’t Get Direct Picture Messaging Apps

instagram snapchat why messaging

Instagram just announced the ability to directly send photos to certain friends or groups of friends through the app, but why? I may be in the minority here based on the amount of money people are throwing at companies like SnapChat, but what is the purpose of using an app to send a picture to someone when I can just send it in a text? I get the idea of SnapChat and the disappearing photos, but if you’re not using it for photos, what’s the point? Most cell phone carriers these days have unlimited text messaging, when using snap be sure to as if do you have to open a snap for your score to go up.


Another question I have regarding Instagram’s announcement today is how will this work with celebrities and public figures? Nowadays people buy instagram likes cheap so they can get better reach. Sources like Social Trend can also help with your Instagram growth. So I can just send any picture I want to any of these numerous celebrities that are on Instagram? I have a feeling that’s going to make a lot of people unhappy. If I was a public figure I wouldn’t want anyone to just be able to send me pictures. I mean, I guess it’s similar to Twitter in that anyone can send a reply to those people, but I think it’s a little different with pictures. Maybe I’m wrong, maybe celebrities will ask people to send them pictures, but I think it’s going to get old when these people are scrolling through endless amounts of dick pics that are sent to them.

So please, can someone explain to me why I would want to use Instagram to send my friends a picture when I can just text it to them? What am I missing?