Skype Updated With Video Calling on iOS

For those of you that use Skype and have always wanted to make video calls from your iPhone, the wait is over. Skype was updated sometime overnight with the ability to make/receive video calls from other iOS devices as well as Skype desktop clients. I don’t really use Skype that often so I haven’t had a chance to test it out, but from what Engadget is saying the wifi to wifi calls are pretty good, but only use the 3G to 3G calls if you absolutely have to, but be careful if you don’t have a decent size plan for data as 9 to 5 Mac states that each minute of video you use over 3G will run you about 3.4mb and while it may not seem like a lot it will definitely add up quickly. Obviously the iPhone 4 and iPod Touch are the only devices with a front camera at the moment, but iPhone 3GS users can still broadcast the view from their rear camera and see the video being broadcast by their friends. If you have an iPad or a 3rd Gen iPod Touch you’ll still be able to receive the video feed, but obviously due to lack of camera you won’t be able to send any video.

For those of you that have given it a test run, what did you think? Did it work fairly well over 3G? Can you see yourself using this more than Facetime?