Screen Display Issues With First Batch of Pebble Watches?

pebble smart watch screen issues

I noticed a couple people on my twitter feed yesterday complaining about issues with their Pebble smart watch, and I was wondering if it’s a widespread issue. A quick search on twitter doesn’t reveal a whole lot of people complaining about it, but there are so few pebble watchings in the wild currently that it’s probably not a good indicator of a widespread problem. I did notice that the Pebble twitter account is responding to a lot of the claims by sending them to their Support Center, so if you’re having an issue I would head over there to get it resolved.

Is anyone else having issues with the screen on their Pebble? Or maybe you’re having other issues? This is why I held off on buying one during the Kickstarter… well, that and the fact that I don’t wear watches. Also the fact that the smart watch craze seems to be booming at the moment and I’m guessing we’re going to see quite a few more of these in the near future, possible even from Apple themselves.

source: Twitter