rob dyrdek ridiculousness

I don’t want to say that “Ridiculousness” is terrible, but let’s just be honest, it’s terrible. It’s a shame too because I really like Rob Dyrdek and “Fantasy Factory” is an extremely entertaining show. For those that missed the premiere of “Ridiculousness” last night, it’s basically Rob’s attempt at an internet clip show in the same vein as Tosh.0 and Web Soup, but while Tosh.0 and Web Soup are actually funny, Ridiculousness is not… at all. I honestly think the problem is that Rob is not a comedian where as Chris Hardwick and Daniel Tosh are. Rob is funny in a different way on “Fantasy Factory” that doesn’t really work with this new show. He’s more about the situation comedy and making the things he’s doing entertaining, not telling jokes about things he sees. I know at this point Tosh probably has a team of writers helping him write the jokes for each episode and maybe Rob doesn’t, but the only way to save this show is to get some funny people behind the scenes.

So as you can tell I was pretty disappointed with the show, I actually liked “Death Valley” more than “Ridiculousness” and honestly the best parts of “Death Valley” were shown in the previews during the VMAs the other night. The only reason I’ll stick with “Death Valley” for a couple more weeks is that a buddy of mine (Ben Giroux) is appearing on an upcoming episode, but as for “Ridiculousness” I don’t think I can sit and watch another episode. Sorry Rob, you tried and it didn’t work this time. I think we all kind of knew that this wasn’t going to be good, but I was still hoping for the Dyrdek personality to carry it through, but in this format it just can’t. Stick to what you’re good at with “Fantasy Factory” and interacting with people and leave the making fun of videos to comedians. I will say though that I do really like the logo for the show…

So did anyone else watch the premiere this week? What did you guys think?

Update: It seems as though a lot of you are wondering who the blonde girl is and why she’s on the show. Apparently you guys don’t watch “Fantasy Factory” otherwise you’d probably recognize her. Her name is Chanel West Coast and she’s the “rapping receptionist” at the Fantasy Factory. Honestly I don’t thinks he does much there except provide some eye candy and a really annoying laugh (according to you guys).

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  • Shanek818

    I Completely agree.. my friend told me it wasn’t going to be funny and I kept telling him “you’re crazy man” … come to find out, i didn’t laugh once and was actually kind of forcing myself to finish the last 5 or 6 minutes of it. I felt bad for Rob D on stage, he looks like he doesn’t even know that none of this is funny whatsoever. But yeah, like the article said I will still remain a loyal fan of the Fantasy Factory, and would even give future Rob D shows a second chance ūüôā¬†

    • Kingkevin2022

      You and everyone else can take ur negative comments along with this page and shove it up you asses. Dyrdek is the man and none of you will be where he is at in his life, I think that is what your problems are. you all know he is better than you all will ever be.

      • ifwbjs1991

        That would be his/her opinion so fuck off..that’s the beauty of america freedom of aint goin nowhere. and a good tip for you is don’t get so emotional over the internet cus honestly no one gives a fuck

        • yuri

          i love this show yuri martinho rob shanel big fan watching it right now i think you guys should accept to get videos of people on you tube im posting one this weakend names stupid shit and plzz put my name on your show tnks say hi for them for me peas

          • yuri

            if anyone hates this show they are dicks

      • Chad Burke

        If that’s where you aspire to be in your life then I feel sorry for you. Dyrdek’s a funny dude, but he’s not a standup or a TV host and this whole show is a STRUGGLE.

  • Cooguy25

    Garbage wannabe of tosh.O, ridiculosly terrible!

  • yaeger

    I missed the first episode, but watched the second one. After they replayed jackass clips that everyone has seen 100 times, I got pretty bored. ¬†The one thing that really killed the show was the commentary and breakdowns. I ended up fast forwarding the show to just watch the clips, and found if you put it on mute, it was actually funnier. Didn’t finish the second half of the show though.

  • yojoe

    I don’t know what the hell is wrong with you all?!?! Were you like dropped on your head as kids or something?? I have no idea why you all can’t find the show amusing, I mean the videos are funny, if we were all sitting around with our mates watching these vids we’d probably be making the same comments. The show is hilarious!

    • cky

      Maybe the reason none of us think the show is funny is because: 1. Half the videos are retreads from, as mentioned above, Jackass and Tosh.0, and it pains me to give Tosh that much credit. 2. As also mentioned above, Rob is painful to watch in an on-stage,¬†hosting role, and having Chanel propped up out there just to giggle at everything makes it way worse. 3. Because many of us who have loved Jackass dating back to the CKY days know that they too wouldn’t be funny sitting in a studio reacting to their stunts. 4. Because it’s hard to take someone with Dyrdek’s experience in skating and other ballsy pursuits to act like all these played-out videos are even noteworthy at this point. 5. Oh yes, and because it’s just not funny watching other people laugh at videos, whether it’s Dyrdek, Chanel, Big Black or even Knoxville himself, who looked like he couldn’t wait to get off that stage. That was the three minutes I watched.

      • AC Slater

        This pretty much sums it up. Nice comment.

        It’s not that we don’t like Rob, it’s that this format is nothing new and he’s not good at it. He needs to stick to the physical stuff that he does on Fantasy Factory, which he can actually make funny and entertaining.

      • Chad Burke

        Just illustrates how good Tosh really is on his show.

    • Southpark789

      No… Your just brainwashed, and probably quite materialistic, aswell as an egomaniac.
      Just like everyone else watching mtv, your probably sittin there in ed and hardy clothes wondering when your friends are gonna be done in the spray tan booth so you can have your go at it.
      Then your probably on your way out to bang some slutty girls dressed in skimpy clothing with no class

      • YouAreGay

        so your saying you wouldnt want get free ass. You faggot

      • Tjoron23

        u guyz r all fuckin jack assez if u dont lik turn off d damn tv n do sumtin else.

        • ifwbjs1991

          You’re not going to get rid of critical thinking and that’s all it is. Television wouldn’t be as simplistic and awfully thrown together with all the pointless “reality” shows these days if people weren’t so numb by the end of their day to just watch anything with colors and sounds that keep their attention to some negligible extent. So what im trying to say is if you don’t like it, say something about and maybe it will change. Probably won’t because the majority is as explained above. But you’re so smart you thought of doing something other than wathcing t.v. you genius you. Retards worry about what other people do with their time so chill because the way you’re trying to look at it only makes what you do with your life a single step above someone else and still many steps below everyone else. Nobody is better by those standards. If you watch tv all your life i hope you atleast do what you enjoy. And be critic! Why not? There are great informative shows out there with so much potential to spread truth but if nobody speaks up then wer’re stuck with whatever bullshit they dangle in front of us.

      • Just Shut The Fuck Up

        This was Quite illiterate, and unintelligent. Stereotypes are EXACTLY what people need to move away from. So, Since you want to assume things about people, lets try you for example. You’re some 28 Maybe early 30’s Loser that spends his time watching a mind numbing show such as South park on a raggedy television station called comedy central. Am I right ? I believe so. Dont target someone else when you’re just as bad. -_- Stupid fuck .

        • Obviously the social commentary and satire of South Park are just going right over your head. But either way, Ridiculousness and South Park aren’t even in the same league as each other, which is why nobody actually compared the two. But actually maybe you’re right, maybe someone who watches South Park is just too smart to find the amusement in Ridiculousness…

  • Hangrobdrydek

    Rob Dyrdek is a worthless pile of crap.  He tried to make himself famous by making up a scripted reality tv show where he, a nobody skateboarder hires a complete stranger, a black guy to be his bodyguard.  Every episode Rob does his fake laugh and forces his costars to fake laugh and it is painful.  It is really pathetic that he is allowed to continue making shows on MTV.  In his new show Ridiculousness he has a blonde girl whos only job is to sit infront and also force out fake annoying laughs, I hate Rob Dyrdek with a burning passion and I hope he dies in a fiery plane crash.

  • Dmainswo

    Chanel West Coast is a total waste.  She is  NOT good looking.  She showcases dark roots.  She has a very annoying laugh.  She makes Jessica Simpson look like a genius. Why is she on the show?

  • Rosalinhale

    All of u dumbasses need to shut the fuck up, this show is awsome u guysr just not funny, u guys hace no sence of humor btw creators of thos.” Article” death valleys promo look so stupid it makes retarted people look like smartasses.

    • AC Slater

      Wow, I hope your first language isn’t english otherwise you have absolutely no excuse for the spelling/grammar in your comment. (If your first language isn’t English, carry on).

      The show is not funny, deal with it. Rob himself is a funny guy in the right situation, but making fun of internet videos is not what he’s good at. This show only appeals to those 12 year old girls that are in love with Rob Dyrdek and will support anything he does, I’m not a 12 year old girl.

    • Southpark789

      The show is terrible, and your clearly stupid… (to smart people at least).
      You probably wouldnt get it….

      • Southparkisgay

        @1a968c382a7533c3848d966961252e1f:disqus you can’t be calling other people stupid when you can’t even use you’re* right. dumbass

        • Dray

          Hahaha no honey he used “your” correctly actually. You are using you’re as in the meaning “you are”! Now tell me idiot… Does “go put a bullet in you are ugly face” make sense? Who’s the dumbass here?? I can’t stand mother fuckers who INCORRECTLY correct someone… Loser go to school!

          • wolfsbane

            You literally just did it because they were referring to the comment below that one that says “your clearly stupid…” which in that case it is you’re.

      • Tjoron23

        wow ten u must b retarded to stupid ppl ????????????????????????

    • Robocop

      u must be half retarded or mexican so fuck off and go put a bullet thru your ugly face FAGGOT

      • Melsss

        what does being Mexican have anything to do with it? You wanna call someone stupid but the fact that you had to bring a race into it shows how arrogant and how stupid you are. Not to mention you can’t even spell so how bout you sit the fuck down and get off your pedastool.

    • Liverlips666

      Perfect example of our youth folks – Rosalin Hale!!!

  • I tried watching this show the other day, but I’m at a point in my life now where I just can’t watch bad television; it’s cringe inducingly awkward seeing people so far out of their element fail so badly at what they’re trying to do, like the most angsty moments of The Office multiplied by a thousand but completely unfunny and unintentional.¬† However, MTV could create a¬†3 hour show of celebrities taking sh*ts and it would still get a couple million viewers….

    • They already created that show, it’s called “Jersey Shore” although replace “celebrities” with “nobodies” and just picture Snooki as a 4 foot tall walking, talking piece of shit.

  • Anais Love

    Ha! I agree 100%! Rob Dyrdek IS funny, but he’s not stand up material. All the videos he plays ARE played out. And let me just say, it’s because I’ve already seen all of them on Tosh.O… I just find it sad that he thinks just because he’s the “in the moment” type of funny, he thinks he can do stand up. In my opinion, I think they should just cancel the show already. He’s just making little stupid comments like, “Oh man! Right in the nut sack baby right in the nut sack!”. Bottom line, it’s horrible. Stick to The Fantasy Factory Rob!

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  • blonde b1tch is the most annoying sh1t ever

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    such an annoying stupid show, i cant wait till it gets off air. the blonde girl is SUPER annoying!!!!

  • Wer

    I really don’t understand theses kind of shows. Can somebody explain me what’s funny when people are breaking their bones doing something stupid? ¬†

  • Bbart336

    Okay guys the show is DECENT. Stop being so butt hurt you basically all admit you even watch MTV so gtfo and stfu. Bunch of nobody’s… All of you. Ugh. God.

    • ifwbjs1991

      And yet you’re here bitchin too..

  • Robocop

    The dumb cunt blonde is the most retarded braud on tv,get rid of this shit show,rob dyrdek is a fuckin Fag who is a wannabe black guy,total fake piece of shit just like the ugly dumb blonde  on the show

  • amanda

    I don’t mind the show except for that fucking annoying blonde bitch. My god her laugh makes me cringe.. just shut the fuck up already! I wish they would just take her off the show, what’s her purpose besides sitting there and laughing like a damn idiot?!

  • Just Shut the Fuck up -_-

    Chanel isnt Annoying. She hardly talks. and As for that pathetic connection to Tosh . 0 and the other show, was stupid and it can’t be compared at all.

  • fantacyfuckup

    Their both annoying as shit and the combination of both these dumbfucks makes me wanna drop kick the tv. In other words i dont watch it much.

  • jean-pierre

    I was just curious about the blond girl, i think she’s really cute and she fit fine in the decor!!!!

  • Billy mutt muffin

    Sheesh that show is annoying all the hipster kids love that show how rob dyrdrek carries himself is annoying he can’t talk without moving his arms and channel is cute and I like her but that laugh my god I cringe

  • David

    Im not going to lie, her laugh gets to be a bit too much halfway through the show. At first you’re like “Wtf was that lol?” Then every time she does it you have to look at her like “Seriously?!” At around this point you look around the set and it comes together — “How do I make a clip show but make it a little different?” Well being that Rob is about as white as white can be he has to get a token black guy, its a must, someone who poses no threat of course since Rob has to be the center of the spectacle, someone nobody has ever heard of. Give the dude a pointless job playing with a scroll-wheel even though we edit the videos before-hand right off of Youtube. We also need some sort of a distraction from what is actually happening because lets face it, these are the most generic fail videos on the internet and these one-liners aren’t cutting it, not a whole lot going on. Wait! I know, lets get that no talent cookie cutter who calls herself “Chanel West-Coast”, isn’t that a clever name? (That would be like me calling myself “Nike East Coast” but I digress.) She sounds pretty desperate, she’ll do anything for screen-time. Plus she’ll probably let me hit it and I’ll get in good with those Young Money boys, maybe get some cash for the exposure, sweet. All she has to do is laugh like a Fran Drescher’s retarded daughter. None of this matters anyway since this whole idiotic show is nothing more than a runway for me to wear the most asinine looking clothes ever, big colorful clown-shoes and hoodies, thats what the kids are into these days right? If I was less of a narcissist I would pay to get younger influential people to wear my stuff but where is the fun in that?

    They need to give Ray William Johnson a damn show, between Tosh and this Deer-dick clown the guy got so disgusted that he stopped reviewing videos on Youtube.