Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory: Dra Dra Drama Beats (3/8/09)

I didn’t know the title of the episode so “Dra Dra Drama Beats” sounded appropriate. So last night was pretty much all about Drama and getting him setup with a proper place to persue his music producing career. The episode opens up with Drama sitting in his office (under the stairs), starring at the wall blankly. Rob questions what he’s doing and he really doesn’t have a good answer, which gets them talking about what Drama really wants to do… produce music. So Rob decides to build him a studio, but before they do that they need to go see a hypnotherapist that can hypnotize Drama for success.

They get to the hypnotherapist and start talking to him about what ideas they want to instill in Drama… success I guess, but to start out they need to give their subconscious a name, Drama chooses Steve while Rob chooses Battle Hardened. The two can’t stop cracking up at “Steve” and how big of a douche Drama’s subconscious is without him even knowing it. After a few random hypno exercises the session is over and Drama is all showered up and ready to take on the world, time to build a studio.

The studio ends up being pretty cool. The console with all the computers/mixers/eq’s etc is setup in sort of a spaceship type area with the recording booth being through a cave in a separate room. The microphone comes out of a gorillas mouth and the client seats are the hands of god coming out of the wall. Overall it was a pretty interesting studio, but different, which is good. It’s a lot more than what Drama had before, which was basically just a Mac with a microphone in the closet. Not to say that it wasn’t a good setup, Bobby Light put out his number 1 hit “Dirty Girl” in that studio.

On a side note, Rob had a tennis ball cannon installed in the Fantasy Factory, so he could shoot people. It’s the same gun you see on American Gladiators in the “Assault” event. So Rob got to shoot a few people throughout the episode and Drama actually got 5 free shots on Rob after he was able to do a backflip on a BMX bike before Rob did (into the foam pit of course).

It would also appear that Rob, Drama and Turbo (aka Blurry) have made their way on to Twitter. So if you want to know what they are doing and have an easy way to get a hold of them, follow them on twitter at the links below.

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