RIM Sues Kik Messenger

I’ve never owned a Blackberry and never intend to, but this just solidifies my spot in the anti-blackberry community. Obviously if a company is infringing on another company’s patents, then that company has every right to protect what is rightfully theirs, but does RIM really own a patent on the “S/D/R”, sent/delivered/read, indicators within a messaging application? I honestly don’t know the details regarding the lawsuit, but based on what everyone else is reporting, this seems like it could be the case. If this is the reason that RIM is suing Kik then why aren’t Whatsapp and Pingchat (among others) being sued as well? Both are also on multi platforms and have indicators as to whether the message was sent, delivered and received. Whatsapp uses a slightly different system in that check marks indicate whether a message was sent or received, but Pingchat uses an “S” and “R” to indicate the same things… I guess the lawsuit could also be regarding the potential privacy issues, but as we’ve discovered before, Kik submitted a new version of the app that allowed for the “other people you may know” feature to be optional instead of just happening so I’m not sure that’s the issue…

So until someone gets a chance to read through the whole lawsuit, we’ll just have to assume it’s for that reason… and it may be safe to say that we will not be seeing Kik back in the Blackberry App World for a while. Which sucks, because it was actually the preferred way for me to text my friends with Blackberry phones. Here’s an idea, RIM, if you don’t like competition for your precious BBM why don’t you open up BBM to other phones… I know a lot of people think that RIM will lose business if BBM opens up to other phones, but I don’t really think large corporations and businesses are using Blackberry’s specifically for BBM, but I could be wrong.

source: David Lam