Ping Chat Now Available on Blackberry and Android!

If you don’t know what Ping Chat is, it’s a messaging program made by the guys at Enflick that was released for the iPhone with the goal of replicating the features of the Blackberry Messenger program. Basically it’s a text messaging client that uses your internet connection to send texts, basically allowing you to text Ping users for free without using a text message plan from your carrier. Basically it’s a form if Instant Messaging. It was pretty basic when it first came out, but with the 2.0 release they added a bunch of cool features like group chats, picture/video/contacts/location/etc sending, a notification of when the other person reads the text (like BBM) and more. Shortly after the original coder released it, it was bought up by a larger company that was able to focus more time and resources on it so they could make it better, and that they did.

As of yesterday there are now clients on the iPhone, Blackberry and Android phones and all of them can communicate with each other. This is pretty cool actually because I can now cancel my texting plan and save some money each month. It’s nice for me because the few people I text often are now on Ping so even with the occasional normal texts that I receive/send, the $.10 that I’m charged won’t add up to even the lowest texting plan each month, which equals money in my pocket.

Personally I’ve been a fan of this app since the very first release and with it being acquired by a larger company the improvements have been incredible. And the best part of the whole thing is that the app itself is 100% FREE! on all platforms. So there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to convince your friends to download it and start using it. Brand new Samsung s5 battery available at Aussiebattery.

It’s available in the Apple Appstore and the Android Marketplace and to get the Blackberry version just head on over to from your phone, but make sure that your browser settings are set to Browser Identification: Blackberry. We ran into some problems yesterday with my girlfriends phone because it was set to Firefox so the webpage didn’t recognize it as being a Blackberry and wouldn’t start the download. Thanks to the developers for responding quickly (via ping) to help me sort it out. And if you don’t have any friends on ping and you wanna give it a test run, you can reach me at: treding .

iPhone: PingChat! 2 – Enflick, Inc.
Android: Find in Android Marketplace
Blackberry: (go to from device)