If you don’t know what Ping Chat is, it’s a messaging program made by the guys at Enflick that was released for the iPhone with the goal of replicating the features of the Blackberry Messenger program. Basically it’s a text messaging client that uses your internet connection to send texts, basically allowing you to text Ping users for free without using a text message plan from your carrier. Basically it’s a form if Instant Messaging. It was pretty basic when it first came out, but with the 2.0 release they added a bunch of cool features like group chats, picture/video/contacts/location/etc sending, a notification of when the other person reads the text (like BBM) and more. Shortly after the original coder released it, it was bought up by a larger company that was able to focus more time and resources on it so they could make it better, and that they did.

As of yesterday there are now clients on the iPhone, Blackberry and Android phones and all of them can communicate with each other. This is pretty cool actually because I can now cancel my texting plan and save some money each month. It’s nice for me because the few people I text often are now on Ping so even with the occasional normal texts that I receive/send, the $.10 that I’m charged won’t add up to even the lowest texting plan each month, which equals money in my pocket.

Personally I’ve been a fan of this app since the very first release and with it being acquired by a larger company the improvements have been incredible. And the best part of the whole thing is that the app itself is 100% FREE! on all platforms. So there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to convince your friends to download it and start using it.

It’s available in the Apple Appstore and the Android Marketplace and to get the Blackberry version just head on over to http://pingchat.com/blackberry from your phone, but make sure that your browser settings are set to Browser Identification: Blackberry. We ran into some problems yesterday with my girlfriends phone because it was set to Firefox so the webpage didn’t recognize it as being a Blackberry and wouldn’t start the download. Thanks to the developers for responding quickly (via ping) to help me sort it out. And if you don’t have any friends on ping and you wanna give it a test run, you can reach me at: treding .

iPhone: PingChat! 2 – Enflick, Inc.
Android: Find in Android Marketplace
Blackberry: http://www.pingchat.com/blackberry (go to from device)

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  • jared

    i was attempting to use pingchat software for my bb torch, but see that it is as of yet unavailable for the platform. please inform me via email when i can expect to be able to use this application. thank you – jared.

  • Isaac Momperousse

    I am also looking for this, I need to know when it will be available for the BB storm and Tour.

    Also which droids is it available for?

    • AC Slater

      It’s already out for the Tour, my girlfriend uses it, not sure if it works on the Storm or not though. Just go to http://www.pingchat.com/blackberry on the phone and it should download it.

      • Jen

        It doesnt work for most blackberry’s as of yet 🙁

        • AC Slater

          Works fine for the one’s I’ve tried it on… well it’s a little laggy and slow, but it works well enough to use… But I am aware that it doesn’t work for ALL Blackberry’s yet.

  • Louisa

    I already have a PingChat account with my iPhone, how can I log in with my Android, seems there is no way to let me log-in with my PingChat ID.
    Please help.

    • AC Slater

      You’ll probably get a better response if you leave a message for the developers on Twitter or Facebook, they seem to monitor those regularly.

  • lisalopez

    search online for pingchat and go to the official site and download it.. it works.. i’ve tested it today

  • Glenn

    can i ping, from my android to a blackberry or iphone?

    • AC Slater

      yes you can. as long as your friends have Ping on their phone, you can chat with them no matter what platform (iphone, Android or Blackberry)

  • grogg

    Will this app work on an HTC evo?

    • AC Slater

      HTC Evo is an android phone, so yes it will work, but I would suggest giving Kik a try. Kik is also a cross-platform messaging app, but it seems to be a lot faster than Ping at the moment.

  • novel

    will ping chat also work on my htc smart and htc s620

    • AC Slater

      HTC Smart runs the BREW Mobile OS and HTCs620 runs Windows Mobile, neither of which are compatible with PingChat at this time…. The only platforms that work are iPhone iOS, Google Android and Blackberry OS

  • s Fonsworth

    can U load ping chat on a Blackjacck 2 samsung

    • AC Slater

      Blackjack runs windows mobile, currently there isn’t a version of Ping that runs on that OS.

  • max

    Hi, I have a HTC Desire. How can I get Ping for it and will it be possible to Ping BB users?

    • AC Slater

      HTC Desire runs Android so you should be able to find Pingchat in the Android marketplace… and yes you’ll be able to Ping BB users as long as they have also downloaded and installed Ping on their phones.

  • novel

    will ping chat work on the htc smart phone

  • novel

    I’m sorry I have sent the same message twice,
    so that means that I can not ping with anyone??? or is there another application that wil work for the htc smart

    • AC Slater

      It depends on which HTC Smart Phone… if it’s running Android, then yes you can download PingChat.

  • nindy

    I enter my friend’s pin which id use the blackberry, but it was rejected, how can I add friends who also use the ping chat on blackberry, please…

    • AC Slater

      I’m not sure what you’re asking here, but you cannot use your friends BBM Pin to add them to PingChat. Both people need to download PingChat on their phones and you must exchange PingChat User IDs. You should just be able to add them and chat… I’ve never had a problem. You can test it with me if you’d like, my PingChat ID is treding

      • jean

        if both android and blackberry should install the same ping apps, it will work just like yahoo msgr since i can’t directly add bbm pin to ping chat? pls correct me. thanks

        • AC Slater

          Essentially yes, Ping is just like any other Instant Messaging app. Both people’s phones need to have Ping installed on them and you need to trade Ping ID’s and use that to talk to your friends through Ping. The only reason that BBM is even mentioned in conjunction with Ping is because it allows for Phone-to-Phone messaging outside of Text Messaging. It uses data to send the messages and also tells you when your message has been sent and read… similarly to BBM. Outside of that the two have nothing to do with each other. BBM is a closed system and nobody outside of RIM/Blackberry can access the BBM network.

          • jean

            okay. thanks. it helps a lot. 🙂

  • nindy

    I used android..thanks

  • summer

    Are yal going to get pingchat for blackberry 8330!

  • Sophieee

    How do i make a ping chat! ID ???

    • AC Slater

      When you download the application on your phone for the first time it should walk you through creating one.

  • Reece Evans

    i have a bb curve 8520 and ping dosnt allow me to add friends or if they add me it takes time but they dont receive my message how can i solve this problem

  • Hans

    How/wher can I see that the message is read by the other site?

    • AC Slater

      When it’s sent you’ll see a “checkmark ‘S'” and when it’s read by the receiving party it will show a “checkmark ‘R'” next to the message.

  • Miley

    I have a ping ID on my iPod touch but I want to be able to log onto ping chat on my blackberry but the only way to do that is to make a whole new ID. How do I just sign in on my blackberry?

    • AC Slater

      At this time there\’s no way to login to ping from multiple devices

  • a521

    Is pingchat traceable on my Verizon phone bill? In other words when I pingchat my girlfriend will my wife be able to see that I have had contact with someone when she looks at the cell phone bill?

    • AC Slater

      PingChat uses your data plan so it will just show up as normal data usage just like anything else that uses data.

  • Ally

    I have a blackberry storm but I can’t find anywhere that clearly states whether Pingchat is going to enable blackberry storm users to download Pingchat to their phones in the near future… Is they planning to allow this soon?

  • Nigel Gascoigne

    Will it ever be available for my Storm PLEASE

  • Samantha

    i just downloaded ping chat and it says ping chat has encountered a problem detecting ur device! what should i do

  • Sue

    My friend’s iphone is able to track my blackberry. So I turned off GPS Location.  Still tracking me.  Do you think it is because I have Ping Chat for blackberry.  Should I unlink my phone number on Ping chat?

  • Wrend_tina

    I installed it onto my nokia n8
    Its working but yet all my family who have on there phones it doesnt find them!
    Its really annoying & im tempted to delete it as it clearly doesnt work!

  • Angelbabe1uk

    How the hell do u find ppl on Ping Chat?
    I have friends & family on there who have gave me there user names & it doesnt find any
    I have also tried there email addys & there mobile numbers but it doesnt find didly squat!
    How the hell do u find them?
    They emailed me there user names to my email but even loging onto Ping there is no friends request there

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