People Who Hold The Hands Free Headset

I think most people who have a cell phone these days are familiar with the term hands-free headset, especially with more and more states making it illegal to drive while holding a phone to your ear. Now along with hands-free headsets are bluetooth headsets which are a little different. Bluetooth is a wireless technology that has a range of about 30 feet and can connect a headset to a cell phone as well as transfer files, and I’m sure a lot of other stuff, it’s basically limited wi-fi (without the internet). Now I know I’m not the only one that knows what the term “hands-free” is supposed to mean, so why the hell do people insist on holding the “hands-free” headset wire to their face when they are talking?

Obviously this doesn’t pertain to bluetooth headsets, but the reason I brought those up in the first place is because people seem to know how to use those. You put the thing in your ear and you talk, no problem. I’ve never seen a single person physically holding a bluetooth headset up to their ear while they are talking on it, that would just be dumb. So seeing as how people know bluetooth headsets work when the microphone (and the entire unit) are up to 3 inches or more away from your mouth, yet they don’t believe that a corded hands-free headset will work without them holding the microphone an inch from their mouth.

I can’t even count how many times I’ve pulled up next to someone in Chicago that is using a hands-free headset, since it’s illegal in the city of Chicago to hold a phone to your ear, yet they are still holding the cord up to their face… seriously people, why would they make holding a phone to your ear illegal yet allow you to hold a cord up to your face instead? I understand that the microphone for these corded headsets is on the cord itself, but do you know why it’s there? Because that part usually hangs closest to your mouth. And no, it doesn’t have to be an inch from your face for it to pick up your voice, like I said look at your bluetooth headset, is that coming anywhere near your mouth? Why does that one work for you, yet the corded one needs to be an inch from your mouth to pick up your voice? If anything you’re making yourself harder to understand because the other person is going to think you’re yelling into the phone because you’re so close to it.

And that’s not the only thing that annoys me about these things, have you ever seen the person on the hands-free yet they are holding the actual phone up to their face? That’s even worse since usually the microphone on the phone is deactivated when you plug in the headset (might not be like that on all phones). So essentially you’re just making yourself look like a moron because you’re voice is being picked up by the microphone in the cord, not the phone. You’d be better of just wrapping a rubber band around your head to hold the whole phone up to your ear.

So if you use a corded hands-free headset while you’re in the car please don’t sit there and hold the corded microphone up to your face. I don’t think they would have designed it that way if they thought people would have to hold it up in order for it to pick up their voice, that would make it pointless and definitely not hands-free.