Oh Endeca, How I Love Thee

So at my current place of employment I manage a web database, do e-mail marketing, web marketing, web images, etc. It’s actually a pretty easy job, granted at times there’s a lot to do, but it’s a great environment, good people (most of them) and flexible hours. On the downside, the pay isn’t the greatest, some of the people are down right retarded, and people don’t realize how much work some things are. Which leads me to yesterday.

A little background first (if anyone cares), about 2 years ago we implemented a new website with an all new backend software (Endeca) to run all of our drill downs and product categorization and search on the website. It also gives us the ability to create what they call merchandising rules to show certain items in certain places “other customers bought” type upsells/cross sells, etc. So I’ve been the only person doing anything Endeca rules related, whether it’s swapping out items on our homepage every week, changing landing page items, etc, for 6 of our sites. We have different branches of the company that sell different things that require different sites with different rules, etc. Well I can handle the 6 sites that I currently handle on top of my other work, but as of yesterday it looks like they are moving forward with our other 100+ sites and they want to implement all of these same rules. So I went from maintaining 6 sites to over 100, awesome. Now I would have no problem with this if Endeca was my only job, but it’s not. I also maintain all of the content on the website whether it’s web descriptions to the images.

So we’ll see how all of this goes once it actually moves forward. We do have a new person starting in our department next week so I may be able to pawn some smaller stuff on to her if I get swamped. Idealy I would like to change over and do just Endeca rules for all of the sites and get someone else to do the descriptions and images on the web. It would also be nice because Endeca is all browser based, so I can just  https://vpnpeek.com/ and use a browser…. work from home, what?