Nomad Chargekey and Chargecard Review

nomad chargekey chargecard review

Have you ever been at work and needed to charge your phone, but you didn’t have a cable with you? If you are like me, this has happened to you before and these two products from the company nomad will fix that problem forever. Nomad’s products are made so don’t notice that you are always carrying a charging cable around with you, but you are (either in your wallet or on you key ring). They sent us both of their current products to try out, the Nomad CHARGECARD and CHARGEKEY. CHARGECARD is made to replicate the size and weight of another credit card in your wallet, and it succeeds in that design. I was skeptical at first, but it fits nicely and you can’t notice the difference. CHARGEKEY is built to replicate a normal house key on your key ring. Most people carry around a key, whether it be a house key or car key, at all times. The CHARGEKEY fits nicely on your key ring and you can’t even notice it’s there.

nomad chargekey chargecard packaging
Simple, small packaging for both Chargecard and Chargekey


Both of the products are made with hard plastic and rubber.

The CHARGECARD is primarily made of hard plastic, while the middle is made of rubber. The rubber part is made so you can manipulate the angle needed for connecting the charger to your phone/tablet. We were sent the products which feature the Lightning cable on one end, for the iPhone 5/5S, and a USB on the other end (they also offer Micro USB on one end and USB on the other). The CHARGECARD appears to put a lot of stress on the rubber while charging our phones, based on the angle used to have the phone flat. Nomad states on their website that the products are built to withstand a device hanging while connected, but we would advise to do that at your own risk.

The CHARGEKEY is made up of hard plastic on both ends and a rubber middle, but it is much more compact. It appears that the CHARGEKEY puts a lot less stress on the rubber part based on the angle when charging. Again, the CHARGEKEY has a lightning cable on one end and a USB on the other.

Note: One thing we noticed and wished that Nomad had included with the product is a cover for the two connections. The CHARGECARD protects the USB connection a little bit, but the CHARGEKEY offers little to no protection for the two connections.

nomad chargekey chargecard package
Inside of envelopes for Chargekey and Chargecard


Both the CHARGECARD and CHARGEKEY work great. Not only are they made to charge your devices, but they can also sync. After using both of the products we were very happy and they worked exactly as advertised. Pictured above is the Chargekey in use and below is the Chargecard.

nomad chargecard
Nomad Chargecard in Use


Both the CHARGECARD and the CHARGEKEY are $25. The website lists that they are currently on backorder. One cool thing we noticed that nomad has printed on their packaging is ways that you can earn a free CHARGECARD or CHARGEKEY. You could, rename your WIFI router to “” for one whole month or Change your profile picture on facebook to their logo for one week. You can find all of the details about that promotion on their website.


After using both of the products, we have found these products to be not only discreet in design, but also useful. You’ll always have a lightning cable with you and you won’t even realize it, and in a day and age where smart phones lose charge way too fast, it’s nice to always have a charger on you.

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