New MacBooks Kill Pwnage Software, Kinda

It looks as though the new MacBooks and presumably the new MacBook Pros are having some difficulty creating ‘pwned’ firmware for the iPhone. The pwnage software still runs no problem, but the iPhone itself is not recognized by the computer when placed into DFU mode, which is essential in pwning your iPhone. Gizmodo seems to think it’s an issue with a new MacBook specific version if iTunes or some software modification (rather than the hardware itself). I’m pretty sure they are probably right too, the hardware changing shouldn’t make a difference in whether or not the phone is recognized by the computer, but who knows. So those of you looking to “pwn” your iPhone might want to keep that old Mac handy.

Don’t worry though, if you find a modified firmware elsewhere can still restore your phone to jailbroken status, it’s just DFU mode stuff that’s having an issue.

source: Gizmodo