New Apple iPod Announcements

So Apple hosted an event this afternoon to announce some new products. The first big thing was that Steve Jobs was back to present and it was nice to see him up and about again. He still looks thin, but who cares, at least he’s getting better. And now on to the real product announcements, but before I get into this I just want to say that I wasn’t too impressed. Pretty much everything that was announced today had leaked the last couple weeks (or longer) and some of the things that people thought were happening did not. Obviously the Apple Tablet did not get announced, but that really didn’t surprise me as this was a music oriented event. I was a little surprised that the iPod Touches / Classic did not get a camera today, but there have been rumblings that they were just delayed do to some technical problem, but we’ll see. Now that we’ve discussed what didn’t get announced, let’s talk about what did…

iPhone 3.1 firmware will be released today. They didn’t go into much detail about what is included in this update, but you can head over to and read all about them. Personally I don’t think it’s anything too impressive, but you can be the judge.

Next up iTunes 9.0. A good amount of features added to the new version that I’m looking forward to playing around with. The ability to manage the apps on your iPhone screens and download lyrics, booklets, album covers, etc with your iTunes purchases is kind of cool. I think the whole redesign of features and screens in iTunes is going to be a nice change of pace.

Lastly, iPods. The iPod touch gets a new price point of $199 for the 8gb, $299 for the 32gb, and $399 for the 64gb, but no cameras. The iPod classic is now 160gb for the same price, $249. And the iPod shuffle is still around, but you will now be able to use different headphones or something. Do people really buy the shuffle? And last but not least the iPod Nano now has a video camera. Apple is trying to compete with the mini video cameras like the Flip Mino and the Creative Vado by adding cameras to the nano. Personally I don’t think the video is going to compare to those cameras, but we’ll have to wait and see until someone does a side by side comparison. I know this is to compete with the original Mino, but I have a Creative VadoHD and the video is much better than my iPhone 3GS’ video.

And that’s that, IMO nothing terribly exciting. I don’t find any of the iPhone 3.1 features really worthy of updating until the dev team comes up with a way to jailbreak and the iPod updates don’t really concern me as I’m perfectly happy with my 120gb iPod Classic. So what did you guys think of what Apple announced today? Are you going to run out and pick up a new iPod Nano just because of the camera?