My random thoughts on the iPad

So after finally hearing about this thing im not gonna lie I was pretty underwhelmed I mean first theres the name, iPad, I mean come on Apple really thats the best you could do? Then theres the fact that there is no multitasking on a device that is as Steve put it a netbook killer. And lastly theres no camera. So I slept on it and when I woke up this morning I realized this thing really is a pretty slick device and most likely Apple has reasons for the things I listed well other the name that I dont think Ill ever get. The multitasking? Well I have a theory on that wait for the next iPhone OS and it will be there, the lack of camera? that one im not really that sure of. I read somewhere that it could be due to the angle you would normally be holding the device at, or my thought is maybe it was a demand of ATT. I mean we all know how the iPhone has done a number on their network, perhaps they were worried of an onslaught on video messaging apps that would eat even more bandwith, who knows. But I actually think this device could be a key educational device, I could see it now upon admission to college you no longer would have to buy a bunch of expensive textbooks, instead you could get an iPad and pay a much lower rate to get your books from iTunesU, or maybe it would be iBooksU, who knows. On top of that you could get all your lectures and notes on thing and any required novels. It would be great. In the lower grade schools it could help save costs by having the textbooks on it and due to the smaller costs of the books in the long run it would most likely end up saving schools, like UC Merced Graduate Programs, money as the cost for the latest editions would be less, though it could be an IT nightmare. They say Apple changes any market they enter, why cant it be education?