My 2007 Apple MacBook Pro Screen Died

2007 macbook pro screen died nvidia

My MacBook Pro (late 2007 model) has served me well since I purchased it at that time. Nothing major has ever gone wrong aside from the fact that for the last 2-3 years, or so, there has been a solid red line down the left side of the screen. I never bothered to get it fixed because it wasn’t that annoying and the computer itself ran fine, not to mention we have a newer iMac in the office that I can use. If you have any old or broken computer or laptops at home, rather than dumping it straight to the dumpster, it’s better to dump it through a computer disposal service, like

Fast forward to last night as I’m turning on the laptop so that I can finally put the addresses on these final few “Thank You” Cards from our wedding, yes I know it’s been months since we got married, but unless I have a deadline I usually wait until the very last minute. The laptop hasn’t been used since last Sunday, but it was working totally fine then. The computer itself turns on just fine, the light on the front lights up, the start-up sound can be heard… everything seems to be working just fine, except the screen won’t turn on. It’s just black, not even a flicker of anything… it’s dead.

I let the computer sit for a while to see if I could determine if it was just the monitor or if something was hanging on startup, but it turns out it really is just the screen. I was able to remotely log into the laptop from the iMac and everything is working fine in terms of the computer itself, which I guess is good because it allowed me to get all of my important files off of it.

I did some research on possible causes of this and found out that there is an issue with the nVidia graphics card in this model laptop and that Apple was actually fixing them for free if you had a problem. That’s great and all, but will they fix a computer that’s 5 years old? I’m not sure, I haven’t called them yet. I’m hoping I’m still able to get this computer fixed as I really don’t need to buy another laptop at this time, but I’d like to know that mine is there if I need it. For the time being the iMac and the iPad work just fine, plus my wife has a MacBook that we can use if need be. I don’t have AppleCare, but I’m hoping that since it’s a known issue that nVidia has come out and acknowledge and the link above claims that Apple was fixing them for free, as well as issuing refunds to people who paid to have theirs fixed, that they’ll be able to fix mine for free. Best case scenario is they don’t have any parts for this model laptop anymore and they just give me a new model haha, wishful thinking.

I’ll keep this post updated with the outcome. Fingers crossed.