Mac OS X Mountain Lion Preview

mac os x mountain lion preview

It looks like Apple has released a some preview documentation surrounding their latest installment to the Mac OS X line. Mountain Lion seems to be moving closer to the reality that our computers, phones, tablets, etc, will all communicate, all the time. I’m just hoping that they never force something like iOS onto their operating systems. I’m fine with the fact that Lion has the Launcher and App Store, but once the laptop ONLY runs an operating system like iOS, then we have a problem. I actually do like the integration of some of the more popular iOS software in OS X Mountain Lion, so no complaints there. I think my favorite addition is iMessage. I love the fact that I’ll soon be able to Message anyone with an iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Mac (running Mountain Lion), from my computer. Text messages are the biggest scam in the history of the cellular world, so anything anyone can do to stick it to the cell companies in that regard is good in my book. Check out the video that Mashable put together, above, with a quick rundown of some of the new features coming.

source: Mashable