Lockitron – Keyless Entry for Your Home

lockitron keyless entry for your home

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It’s amazing how good a conversation can be when you’re forced to actually talk to your friends while at the bar rather than sitting on your phone talking to your online friends… Had Iman’s phone not been in his pocket I’m not sure he would have remembered to tell me about the Lockitron, a cool new device that allows you to open the deadbolt on your front door using your phone. The Lockitron hooks up to your home Wifi network and allows you to unlock your front door from anywhere your phone has an internet connection. You can even authorize other people to use the app to unlock your front door if you choose. But the coolest feature I think is the fact that it also uses Bluetooth 4.0 and can unlock the door once you get in the proximity of the device; you don’t even have to take the phone out of your pocket, how cool is that! Along with the ability to control the lock from your phone, the device will also send you notifications anytime someone unlocks the door using the key, or even just knocks on the door.

Coming in at a price point of $150, it’s definitely not for everyone, but if you’ve got a few bucks to blow and want to truly turn your house into a home of the future, the Lockitron is definitely the easiest way to get your foot in the door… (pun intended). You can preorder the device now with shipping starting in March of 2013.  And if Lockitron sounds familiar, it’s because they already have a door lock on the market that does the same thing, but it’s a whole replacement door lock so renters are out of luck. The new Lockitron fits right over your existing deadbolt with no modifications to the door.