Kik Messenger Updated With Pictures and Group Chat

If you’ve been following the site you’re probably aware that I’ve been a big fan of Kik Messenger. It’s basically a Blackberry Messenger (BBM) clone in that it uses your data connection to send messages to your friends, but in this case it works on multiple platforms (iOS and Android) so your friends don’t have to have a certain type of phone. Sure there are plenty of other apps out there that are very similar to Kik (whatsapp, PingChat), but what Kik gets right is it’s speed and reliability.

Up until now you were only able to send text messages through Kik, whereas the competition has been sending pictures, video, location and allowing group chat for months now… Well the wait is finally over. You can now send pictures and participate in group chats using Kik Messenger, and it’s just as fast and reliable as their text service is, but I do have some complaints.

Kik’s thinking is that they want you to be using Kik in the moment and sharing things that are currently happening, they want it to be personal. If you’ve tried to add a profile picture to your Kik account you’ll soon see that they don’t allow access to your existing photo library, meaning you have to take the picture then and there in order to make it your profile picture. I’ll give them this one since it makes it so people kind of have to take a picture of themselves (you can still just take a picture of anything), so it’s a little more personal, but I would still rather use the profile picture I use or every other IM software, which is in my photo library… Going along with this, they implemented picture messaging into Kik, but again they don’t allow access to the photo library which is absolutely terrible in my opinion. I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt when it comes to profile pictures, but to not allow access to the photo library on the phone for pictures is absolutely ridiculous and needs to change. There’s never a moment when I’m out somewhere and want to open Kik just to take a picture to show someone… I’d rather take that picture using the camera app, save it to the library and then send it to Kik, Facebook, Twitter and wherever else… Sometimes you only have time to snap one shot so this really makes no sense to me and they need to fix it.

I haven’t had time to test the group chat yet because only 1 of my friends has updated his app so far, but I would assume it works fine since their text service has always been fast and reliable.