Kik Messenger and Foursquare Apps Get Updated

The Foursquare update hasn’t made it’s way into the App Store as of this posting, Update is now live and they are finally listening to the users and implementing the ability to share pictures of a location and comments. So when you check in to a location now you’ll be able to share a picture of that location. You’ll also be able to add pictures to that check in after the initial check in. So if you check in when you first get there, but then want to take a picture of your food after it arrives at your table, you can do so. The other big addition is the ability to comment on your friends check ins, which is huge. This is the one thing I’ve been waiting for in regards to Foursquare. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wanted to recommend a dish or something to do at a place that someone was checked in at, but couldn’t because I couldn’t comment. Sure, I could always text them, but I’m cheap and don’t have unlimited text and not all my friends have Kik Messenger…

Which leads me into the next topic, Kik Messenger has been updated again on iOS. There was an update in the last couple weeks that fixed some stability issues, but this latest update fixes the privacy concerns as well as adding profile pictures. The update is very welcome, but I’m not sure why they made it so you can’t add a profile picture from your camera roll. The app only allows you to take a picture and assign it… odd, but I’m just glad they implemented the feature finally. As for the privacy issues that arose before, you can now manually scan your address book for new friends that are using Kik and it no longer notifies them that you added them to your friends list or that you have Kik unless of course they search for you and have your number if their phone book. So with that being the case I think Kik needs to implement some sort of “request add” so that you have to accept a friend request before someone can message you… but that’s for another update. Now hopefully they can work out a deal with RIM and get Kik working on the Blackberry again, but I doubt that’ll happen.

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