Jailbreakme.com and the iPhone 4

I only jailbreak my phone for the ability to put the calendar on the lock screen, but it’s actually a feature I don’t like living without, so when I heard that there was a jailbreak option for the iPhone 4 I was all over it, only problem was I wasn’t near a computer in case something went wrong. So the current jailbreak method for the iPhone 4 only requires you to visit http://jailbreakme.com from the safari browser on your phone and once you “slide to jailbreak” your phone is jailbroken, it’s simple. I was a little worried that something would happen in the process so I wanted to wait until I was near a computer and could run a backup, but I’m happy to say that everything went smoothly. The website loaded right up, I slid the slider and about 3-4 minutes later the phone was jailbroken with Cydia installed on the home screen. I haven’t gone in and installed Lock Calendar yet only because I’m not sure that it’s been updated to work properly on the iPhone 4.

And for those wondering… unlike most people who jailbreak, I don’t really use it for pirated apps so I can’t comment on the working of installous or any of that stuff, but I imagine it would work just fine for those that are into that.

Basically this is a very simple way to jailbreak any Apple device at the moment, but I would hurry up if you were planning on doing this as it exploits a pretty major hole in the way the phone handles PDF files and Apple is definitely going to patch it sooner than later. I’m sure there will be other methods of jailbreaking in the future, but if you really want it now you better jump on this one soon. I also don’t use FaceTime that often so I haven’t tested it, but MMS works just fine (I would assume FaceTime works fine after the fix they implemented after the initial release).