Square is supposed to launch their credit card accepting app for the iPhone and iPod Touch by the end of April… well today is the last day of April and I still don’t see anything. For those unfamiliar with Square and what they are doing, essentially it allows any device with a headphone jack and the ability to run software, to take credit card payments. At the moment it’s only available on the iPad, but as you can see from the image above it’s coming to the iPhone and iPod Touch very soon (and I’m sure other devices shortly after).

Once you sign up for the service and download the app, which is free, Square will send you the card reader that plugs into your devices headphone jack (again for free) and you can begin accepting credit cards for whatever you like (there are certain restrictions). You don’t have to sign up for a merchant account and the fees are very competitive. If you want more info check out the site listed below.


Update 4/30/10: Looks like they just changed the wording on the site so it no longer mentions April, now it’s “Coming Soon”…. lame.

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  • Frylock

    vapor ware

  • AC Slater

    Frylock: I mean, I would agree with you except for the fact that it’s already out on the iPad and plenty of people have been using it…

  • Have you already thought of ways you are going to use this?

  • AC Slater

    Not at all, but it’s free so why the hell not… haha