It Finally Happened…

Not that it’s a surprise to me, since they’ve been talking about it in meetings for months now, but my office has finally implemented a new method of blocking websites on the network. Don’t get me wrong, I totally understand the reason for doing it and I have no problem with it blocking sites like Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, etc, but I’m a little annoyed that sites like Gizmodo, Apple Updates and a few other tech blogs are blocked for being “Online Communities”. I know people spend the first 30 minutes or so reading the newspaper at their desk and drinking their coffee, so why shouldn’t I be able to catch up on what’s going on in the tech world. It’s weird because I can access all the other sites on the Gawker network that I read and sites like Engadget and Cinematical, but Gizmodo doesn’t work. I’m also a little upset that Meebo doesn’t work, but I do understand the reasoning behind it and it’s not like I can’t just use my phone if I really need to chat it up with someone. But half of these sites are blocked because they are “Online Communities”, and then when I go to access an actual online forum that I frequent, it works just fine.

I think they are still testing the software from what I understood from a previous meeting so maybe they are gathering logs of what people access and then will go check to see if they fall into the blocked categories. So I guess I’ll be accessing some of those sites I know should be blocked, from my phone or even a proxy site. I’m not sure if they can figure out that I’m using a proxy site and then block that site also, so it may not be worth it. Good thing I have an iPhone with a full browser, but now I’ll need to charge it here all day since the battery sucks if you’re actually using the internet.

So for all those that needed to get a hold of me while I was at work it looks like you’ll either have to leave a comment here or just call/text my phone. I think my AIM screen name is setup for mobile, so I should still appear online. Oh well, almost 10 years of unrestricted internet access isn’t bad, at least my sites still aren’t blocked so I can continue to update them.

Oops looks like I spoke too soon, this website is now blocked at work because of “games”… Lame! Thank god for the iPhone so I can still write throughout the day.