Is This Appropriate For Facebook?

is it appropriate for facebook

is it appropriate for facebook

Is this appropriate for Facebook? This is a question I’ve asked myself a few times when posting a status update or a link to an article, but I don’t think a lot of people think about the things they post. Recently my mom joined Facebook and it had me questioning the things that I’ve posted and I’m not even friends with her, but ultimately that’s the question you should ask yourself. Is this something I would want my parents to see? If the answer is no, then there’s a good chance you shouldn’t put it on Facebook.

I’ve always been pretty conscious about what I post on social networks seeing as how I’m an adult and anything I post could be used against me when trying to get a job, put a kid in school, etc. There are a number of ways a Facebook [or even blog] post could come back to bite me in the ass when it comes to my life. Even when it comes to this blog I tend to be a little more lenient than I probably should, but I still know where to draw the line. That’s more than I can say for some of my friends though. I’ve posted in the past about my annoyances in regards to Facebook status updates, but this is a little different. This is about the overall appropriateness of some of the things that people choose to share on the social network.

For example, a friend of mine, who mind you is under 16 years of age (and mind you there are many reasons why I’m friends with a 16 year old, but we’re not going to go into that haha), likes to post random news articles about marijuana on his/her Facebook page. Now, the fact that he may smoke pot is of no concern to me, I’m not against marijuana in any way, but as the law on marijuana stands currently, it is illegal and these are not the things a sub-16 year old kid should be posting about to Facebook. He/she also posts random status updates on the subject which are probably things he/she would not want his/her parents to see… Hell, I’m 30 and wouldn’t want my parents to see me posting things about Marijuana on Facebook. It’s the same thing with alcohol. I drink with my parents anytime we go out so it’s not that I’m ashamed of having a drink or two, or 6, but I’m not about to post drunken pictures or updates on Facebook. It’s not something that I need to brag about, it’s not the cool thing to do despite what some people think. I will admit that I’ve posted a few status updates while I was drunk, but some of my statuses are ridiculous when I’m sober so I don’t think anyone noticed.

No let’s jump back to my mom joining Facebook. She actually didn’t even join on purpose, but she’s never used the site before and wanted to see some pictures of a family friends newborn and didn’t realize that it would create a full account when she entered a login and password. Either way, she went ahead and put a profile picture and some of the basic information. She has yet to friend me and knowing my mother, she won’t because she doesn’t feel the need to, but honestly I would accept her friend request if she asked because I know not to post things on Facebook I wouldn’t want her to see. Some people may not feel the same way as I do, but despite all the privacy settings in the world, social networks are a public thing and if someone really wanted to they could probably see what you’re posting to them.

So please, before you post something on Facebook take a second to think about whether or not it’s something you would want your parents to see. I don’t care if you’re parents are on Facebook or not, would you go up to them and tell them you did something ridiculous when you were drunk or smoked a ton of weed on 4/20 after sneaking out of the house late at night? I’m guessing not, so don’t tell Facebook either. Just use common sense when posting statuses and pictures because you never know who is or may read what you’re posting. And maybe you’re extremely open and close to your parents, and that’s great, but in that case think about whether or not you would want your employer to see your posts. I’m all for freedom of speech and you have every right to post whatever you want, but just be smart about it.