iPhone Video Rumor Round Up

WWDC 09 is set to start tomorrow morning, Monday June 8th, and there have been tons of rumors of a new iPhone being announced. Apple first announced the iPhone at WWDC in 07 followed by the 3G version being announced there last year so naturally people assume that this year we will get another new version of the Jesus phone.

If you’ve ever read sites like Mac Rumors, Tuaw or Apple Insider, you know that Mac fanboys can get a little ridiculous when it comes to their beloved Apple products and rumors. Over the past few weeks the rumors have started flying about what to expect from Apple in regards to a new iPhone and I decided to put together this post today to outline some of those rumors along with “leaked” (most likely fake) images, and see which ones actually come true tomorrow and which ones surprise everyone. I think the biggest surprise would be if Apple didn’t even announce a new iPhone tomorrow and all they did was talk about Snow Leopard, but we’ll see… let’s get to the rumors and pictures (after the jump cause there’s a lot of them).

Awhile back a bunch of patent were found that revealed a possible front facing camera for an iPhone, this is where the rumors of a front facing camera started. You can find a bunch of the patent images over at Information Week as well as one below. There is another patent image floating around that I’m trying to find that shows an actual circle in the center of the front of the phone depicting an camera and I’ll post it as soon as I find it because I think that one gives the impression of a front facing camera  little better. Looking at the patent image/link I posted, this “Optical Sensor” may not necessarily be a camera lens, it could just be where the optical sensor for the camera in the back is located, inside the phone. But it is from this picture and the other one (which I’m looking for) that the front facing camera rumors started.

This is probably one of the biggest rumors that are surrounding the new iPhone at this time. Some of the other rumors seem more realistic like faster processor, more memory, a broader array of sizes ranging from 4gb to 32gb and a black matte backing. There is also a rumor of an OLED screen that stem from images of new connectors for the screens as well as the fact that the screens apparently cost more than the current screens, but I wouldn’t put too much faith in OLED, but we’ll see. The sizes seem to be almost 100% true as reports are popping up that retail computer systems are starting to get updated with new iPhone SKUs that show the bigger sizes.

Now to the name of the new iPhone. Rumors started to swirl that the new iPhone will be called iPhone Video based on some blurry images that someone took of a supposed screen on Apple’s website and then AT&T’s support website depicting the iPhone Video in drop down menus on the site. These were proven to be fake due to the fact that the people didn’t just take screenshots of the websites and its pretty easy to fake a drop down menu by injecting code into the URL bar, which was demonstrated over at the Mac Rumors forums when people started injected the most random stuff into the drop downs.

The iPhone is also rumored to be getting a better camera which will allow for video recording. It may also have some editing type programs to allow you to edit and (i would assume) upload videos right to youtube. The camera will also have an autofocus feature and possibly 3.2 megapixels, but again people get hung up on megapixels as it’s really the lens and the sensor that create better pictures so hopefully Apple upgrades those too.

So those are the basic rumors, I’m sure there are more since people come up with new ones every day, but these are the main ones. Yes the phone will be getting things like MMS, etc but those aren’t part of hardware upgrades that’s all coming with iPhone software 3.0.

And below is an image that leaked yesterday and I believe that this could be the closest thing to a real leak that is out there right now. It was taken with a nokia cell phone (which is confirmed by the EXIF data of the picture) and depicts an iPhone with a front facing camera.

And finally these pictures are possibly the flat black matte backing and the new bezel that shows the ear speaker moved closer to the top of the phone, which is rumored to make room for the front facing camera. So that’s it, I’ll be back tomorrow after the keynote to discuss what Apple did and didn’t announce as well as if I am going to be picking one up.

And some random other images that were floating around, most likely fake.