iPhone Firmware 2.2 Has Been Released

Apple has released firmware version 2.2 for the iPhone. Some of the enhancements are safari tweaks, enhanced sound for visual voicemail, fewer dropped calls, and of course additions to Google maps, including Street view. You can get the update right now, however if you’re like me and have an unlocked and/or jailbroken 2G iphone you should probably hold off for a bit, if you have a 3G iPhone that you wish to possibly unlock in the future or is jailbroken, I would advise against updating at all. As the folks over at the iPhone Dev Blog have said, the 3G update does have a baseband update that could render all possibilities of a soft-unlock, useless. So as always give it a few days until the Dev Team can get a new version of pwnage out there that will work with the latest 2.2 firmware. I’ll make a post here when the software has been released.