iPhone 5 Predictions

iPhone 5 predictions

iPhone 5 predictions

So what are everyone’s predictions for the iPhone 5 announcement today? A lot of supposed information has been leaking over the last few weeks, so I don’t think there are going to be any huge surprises. It’s hard for Apple to keep a lid on things when it’s all anyone wants to know about.

Personally I think we’re going to see something that looks exactly like the leaks we’ve been seeing recently.

  • It’s going to be thinner and slightly longer than the iPhone 4S.
  • It’s going to have that two-toned metal/plastic back
  • The headphone jack will now be on the bottom
  • New, smaller, port for charging/syncing.
  • Front facing camera will be centered
  • Micro-SIM Card
  • NFC Capabilities
  • A boost in processor from the 4S
  • LTE
  • Fanboys swooning over every little detail
  • Haters complaining about the lack up updates

There are always going to be people on both sides of the fence, but whatever features the phone has or doesn’t have, I plan on upgrading to the iPhone 5 for the sheer fact that I’m absolutely done with AT&T and despite being a bit slower on the data side, have decided to move to Sprint. Verizon is a better carrier in Chicago, but my wife has Sprint and they are the only ones that still offer an unlimited data plan. So the fact that we can keep our cell phone costs down and keep unlimited data is enough for me to switch.

We’ll be back after the announcement this afternoon with a full breakdown of what is actually new, so check back later.