iPhone 4 Being Phased Out? – No Turn-By-Turn or Facetime 3G

iphone 4 being phased out

I know it was inevitable, but I really wanted my iPhone 4 to last a little longer than 2 years. I know that the phone will still work with iOS 6 and that I’ll still be able to install it and benefit from the Facebook integration, but the it kind of sucks that the main selling point(s) of iOS 6 won’t run on the iPhone 4. I’m of course talking about the turn-by-turn navigation and, to a lesser extent, Facetime over 3G.

The main point of iOS 6 seemed to be the rebuilt Maps app and the inclusion of turn-by-turn GPS as well as 3D fly-over maps, neither of which will run on the iPhone 4. I get that different apps require different hardware in order to run, but I’m pretty sure the iPhone 4 is powerful enough to run a GPS app. There are plenty of 3rd party turn-by-turn GPS apps that run just fine on the iPhone 4… I use my phone for directions all the time, but I still have to rely on my standalone GPS while driving as it’s too hard, not to mention dangerous, to look down at the screen and hit the little arrows to see where I’m supposed to turn next. I would much rather be able to just fire up the Maps app and get real-time directions and traffic than have to dig out my GPS and stick it to my windshield… I know what you’re thinking “first world problems”, and you’re right, it’s a petty thing to complain about, I just don’t get it.

As for the Facetime over 3G… I could care less. I’ve used Facetime a handful of times, but it’s not something I use regularly and not something that I’m really that upset about. If I really want to show you something that I’m looking at I’ll just take a picture and send it to you, no need to awkwardly stare into your eyes as we’re talking. Plus, I have a feeling some people are going to be pretty shocked when the see their data usage on their cell phone bills after using Facetime over 3G. Especially with all the unlimited plans being phased out. Again though, not sure why this feature is an iPhone 4S only feature on iOS 6. I’ve been running Facetime over 3G on my jailbroken iPhone since it came out and never had any issues.

It almost seems as if this is another one of Apple’s plots to get people to spend money on new phones. It worked with Siri. Sure the internals on the iPhone 4S were beefed up, but Siri was the main selling point for Apple in the iPhone 4S and they sold tons of them. I personally did not buy one because I don’t need to talk to my smart phone to have it do what I want, it’s a gimmick. Now I do understand that there are circumstances where it makes sense to be handsfree and work your device: while driving, horseback riding, in the shower, or being blind, but I still don’t see why Siri can’t run on the iPhone 4 either…

Oh well. I know it’s a business and Apple needs to continue to sell phones in order to keep the billions rolling in, but that doesn’t mean I have to be happy about it. And honestly, I don’t know why it bothers me so much considering I’m going to upgrade my iPhone 4 to the iPhone 5 once it comes out later this year, but the upgrade is mainly due to me leaving AT&T and heading over to Sprint. I just know there are a lot of people out there with the iPhone 4 that think all this cool stuff will work on their phone when in actuality it won’t. Apple didn’t really do a good job of conveying that fact during their keynote earlier this week. Sure, the blogs around the net have all that information posted if anyone’s looking, but not everyone scours the internet in search of random Apple news all the time like we do. I just hope that people realize that when they buy an iPhone they’re only going to get 2 years out of it before it no longer works with the cool new things that Apple has in store. Again “first world problems”, I know, but I can still bitch about it…

What do you guys think? Are you going to upgrade your iPhone 4 when the 5 comes out? Are you upset that these fancy new features won’t be supported on your phone? Am I just being ridiculous and unreasonable to expect my $200+ ($500+ w/o contract) phone to be supported for more than 2 years?