iPhone 3GS Announced and Coming June 19th

So Apple announced the new iPhone today at WWDC 09, the iPhone 3GS. It’s got more computing power, faster 3G capabilities, 3megapixel camera with video recording, digital compass stuff, nike+ built in, voice control, video editing capabilities, auto focus, auto white balance, better low light pictures, and a new battery that lasts longer than the old one.

The things you’re not going to get, that were rumored for the last couple weeks, are a front facing video camera for video chatting, the black bezel instead of silver, and the flat black matte back for the phone. Yeah I’m a little disappointed that there’s no front camera and the back isn’t the flat black, but I think it’s a good upgrade from my original iPhone (EDGE), but it may not be worth it to a lot of people that have the iPhone 3G. 

So the new 16gb model of the iPhone 3GS will run you $199 and the 32gb version is $299, and they’ve lowered the price of the iPhone 3G to $99. So I think no matter what Apple is going to get a lot of people buying iPhones in the next couple weeks. $99 for an iPhone is pretty ridiculous.

They also showed off a bunch of new apps and integration for the iPhone 3.0 OS which comes out next wednesday June 17th. I may be a little more excited for that than anything just because they are opening up so much more of the phone to developers, I think there’s going to be some really cool things that come out of it. 

So what did you guys think of the new iPhone 3GS announcement today? Will you be upgrading or buying an iPhone next friday?