iPhone 1st Gen (2G) + 3.0 OS + Cingular Blue

UPDATE: I figured out how to get the EDGE network back up and running on my unlocked 1st Gen unlocked iPhone running 3.0 os using a AT&T Wireless aka Cingular Blue Sim. I was able to update a carrier file that was supposed to unlock tethering on the 3G iPhone and change the apn settings to the cingular blue settings I used on a plist file before, then just emailed myself the file, clicked it on the iPhone (using wifi of course) and then installed it, and BAM! EDGE network works perfectly again. Still doesn’t fix youtube though, that’s another issue. Here’s the file I used

I’m probably one of very few people that still have an old AT&T Wireless aka Cingular Blue plan these days and because of this I now have to use unlocked phones. I won’t have to do this much longer as my iPhone 3G S should be here tomorrow if the Apple website ever tells me the damn thing shipped (as I was typing this I got the confirmation email)…. Anyways, when the original iPhone came out 2 years ago I bought an 8gb version once the price dropped and the iPhone Dev Team figured out a way to unlock it.

So I’ve been using an unlocked iPhone 2G (as people like to call them) for a couple years now and with each firmware release I have to wait until the dev team figures out if the update is going to break the unlock and/or the jailbreak. So the iPhone 3.0 OS was released yesterday (or last week if you grabbed the Gold Master release of it off a torrent site) and with it came the waiting game. I decided to hold off with the GM (gold master) release and just wait for the official version only because I had no idea if I could update and keep my unlock or if there was going to be anything different between the two versions and I really only wanted to update once. I was at work yesterday when the official version was released so I obviously couldn’t update right away so I turned to the forums to see if anyone with a 2G unlocked iPhone had updated there phone and what their results were, which actually confused me more.

Some people were reporting that when they updated their phones to 3.0 it retained the unlock but the phone was stuck at the “Emergency calls only” screen. However they could still make calls to any number and receive calls, they just couldn’t get past that activation screen. Then there were other people that updated and everything was fine, it retained the unlock and the activation. So I was a little worried that the phone would be stuck at the activation screen, but I decided to do it anyways and eventually people figured out what they were doing differently to get different results.

Apparently if you unlocked/jailbroken the phone with the pwnage software for the Mac you would retain the unlock and the activation, the only thing that supposedly wouldn’t work was YouTube and everyone was having a problem with this. If you unlocked/jailbroken with quickpwn or winpwn then your phone would remain unlocked but not activated. To get arround the 2nd scenario you needed to find a 2.2 or 2.2.1 firmware that was created with pwnage, reflash your phone using iTunes 8.1 then update iTunes to 8.2 and reflash with 3.0.

My phone was original unlocked/jailbroken using pwnage on my mac so I figured I was good and went ahead with the update. I used Mac OSX Leopard, iTunes 8.2, and did the option + update method which is where you download the update separately from iTunes and then when you option click the update button in iTunes it asks you where the firmware file is and you find it manually, instead of having it download and install right from Apple and iTunes. I’ve read that it doesn’t matter though if you do this method or the iTunes method to update if you used pwnage, it will still remain unlocked and jailbroken. I also disconnected the computer from the internet just in case it tried to access the activation servers or something that people had talked about.

The update went smoothly, took about 15 minutes to go all the way through and restart. When the phone fired back up it remained unlocked and activated so I could still make phone calls and receive text messages, however the EDGE network would not work. Now I know exactly why this is, but since the phone is no longer jailbroken I cannot access the file system in order to edit the plist file I need to in order to set the network settings to the mMode servers. So that’s kind of a bummer. The internet and everything still works over Wi-Fi, but nothing over EDGE.

The other thing I’ve noticed today is that the battery is being drained ridiculously fast. I don’t know if it was because the push notifications were turned on or if it’s because the phone keeps trying to access the EDGE network and can’t or if it’s something else entirely. The phone has been off the charger since 6 am this morning, it’s now almost noon and I’m at less than half battery. I have gone in, turned off Push, turned off mail checking, and anything else that I can think of that would try to ping a server while on EDGE so hopefully the battery lasts me until 4pm when I get home today.

So that was my experience with updating my unlocked 1st Generation iPhone 2G to the iPhone 3.0 OS. Honestly I wish I hadn’t updated at this point, but there’s no reason to go through the hassle of downgrading it back to 2.2 or 2.2.1 since my iPhone 3G S will be here tomorrow and activated legitimately on AT&T. I did record the whole process with my VadoHD, but it’s pretty straight forward and I don’t think anyone needs video proof that this method works perfectly fine, but if you really want the video let me know and I can edit it down and upload it.