iPad 2 – Why I’m Not Buying One


When the original iPad came out I had no desire to get one seeing as how I already had an iPhone and thought that the iPad was just a large iPod Touch… which it kind of is. I did change my tune a little bit after playing with one for a while, but I didn’t need it nor could I really justify it when I had a perfectly good laptop to use. So in light of that I decided I would wait and get one after they announced the iPad 2. I figured it would have a camera and maybe some other fancy features that would sway me into purchasing it even though I still don’t need it… well I was wrong.

It was announced yesterday that the iPad 2 will be coming out next week and would boast a new design as well a some internal tweaks. There is a new, faster processor, gyroscope, front and rear facing cameras for Facetime/Photobooth and a new sleeker/slimmer look. So those few features alone aren’t enough for me personally to run out and buy it. There’s no more RAM than there was in the original iPad, there’s no retina screen or at least higher res screen, it’s the same screen as before… And the new design is thinner, but I had no issues with the old design so that doesn’t sway me. Honestly it seems like an iPhone 3G to iPhone 3GS update, basically just slightly faster internals.

So for those of you that are upgrading to the latest iPad, what is your reasoning? Do you really need the speed of the A5 processor? Or cameras? I don’t know, it just doesn’t seem like a big enough step for me especially when I have an iPhone 4 that can do all of the same stuff, just smaller…