Installing iOS 7 Without UDID and My Impressions

install ios 7 beta without a developer udid my impressions of ios 7

Apple revealed the latest version of their mobile operating system iOS 7 this week and it’s a major design overhaul. Gone are the shadowed and bezeled icons and in their place are flatter, more boring looking icons. New animation sequences make their way into the new design along with all new menus. So far I’ll say it’s just OK. I’m really not sure if I like the look of the new iMessages or the phone app, the photos app is kind of annoying me right now, but I’ll have to get used to it. It’s just the fact that everything is so different that I don’t really like it at the moment. Obviously I’m sure my view will change once I actually get to play around with things a bit more, but for right now the only thing I really like is the command center area where I can toggle settings without having to go to the settings app. So we’ll see, I think a lot of people are going to be annoyed by the change, but I also think a lot of other people are going to enjoy what Apple is doing. I’m on the fence right now, but I’m sure that will change once I use it a bit more.

Now for what you really want to know, “How do I get iOS 7 on my phone right now, without being a developer or having my UDID registered with a developer account?” (read all the instructions first).

  1. Download the correct iOS 7 firmware for your phone model here. (You can also go legit and pay that site to register your UDID for you if you want)
  2. Make sure you have the latest version of iTunes.
  4. Some people say to do a clean install of iOS 6.1.3 / 6.1.4 (depending on your phone) before doing the update to iOS 7, but some people have had luck without doing it. I was on iOS 6.1 and jailbroken and when I tried to go right to iOS 7 it wouldn’t take and I had to do a restore of 6.1.4 anyways, so you can try to go straight to iOS 7 or you can do a fresh restore of your phone to the latest firmware then go to the next step.
  5. Plug your phone in and open iTunes. DO NOT CLICK RESTORE!
  6. On a Mac hold OPTION and click UPDATE on a PC hold SHIFT and click UPDATE.
  7. Find the firmware file for iOS 7 that you downloaded and open it.
  8. The update will run through it’s thing and you should be good to go, no UDID registration needed.
  9. Once the phone full boots up, restart it one more time (some people had some issues with random things until they restarted).
  10. I’m not responsible if you break your phone, follow these instructions at your own risk. If something goes wrong, but your phone in DFU mode and do a fresh restore and you should be fine. It’s pretty hard to permanently brick an iPhone.
Some apps are not going to run properly, some will crash. This version of the software is intended for developers so that they can test their apps to make sure they work before the final release of the software, so don’t bitch about something not working. So far I’ve only had issues with one app, PLEX, other than that everything else works. The only other small problem I had was with iTunes match on the cellular network. I didn’t realize there was a setting buried somewhere that needed to be turned on in order for me to access my songs over the cell network. But other than that everything has been smooth sailing.
If you have any issues please post them up here so that we can try to help you (if we can), or maybe someone else will be able to help.
  1. That’s it! Not all apps will work properly, some will crash. This isn’t intended