Instagram is NOT Selling Your Pictures To Advertisers Without Your Permission

instagram is not selling your photos

There was a huge uproar over some the new Terms of Service and Privacy Policy that Instagram announced yesterday, and for good reason. The Privacy Policy itself didn’t change too much, but the Terms of Service sure seemed to. Basically, the way it was worded, it made it sound as if Instagram was going to start selling all of your photos to advertisers without telling you. And to no surprise, this made people unhappy. If advertisers are going to make money off of photographs that I take, obviously I would like to be compensated for said photographs, but with the new wording, that’s not what it sounded like.

Personally I had my doubts that this is was what Instagram ever intended in the first place, but I seemed to be the only one. I got asked multiple times if I was deleting my Instagram account, if I was going to stop posting pictures, and what I thought of the whole situation… Well let me tell you something first, in case you stop reading this, the creator of Instagram has come out publicly and stated that it is not there intention to sell your photos, and that it was their fault for wording the new TOS the way they did. Now I’m not sure if they are just flip-flopping on their plans due to the outrage, but either way, Instagram isn’t going to sell your photos to advertisers the way you think they are. You retain the rights to all of your photos posted on Instagram, so no worries there. Instagram is still a great platform to promote your business. And if you’re looking for a way to boost your popularity on Instagram, you can Buy followers quickly with Upleap.

Now for my thoughts on the whole thing. First of all, the new TOS and Privacy Policy don’t even go into effect until mid-January… for a reason. They wanted people to see the new Terms of Service and give their feedback before anything was official, and guess what, that’s exactly what everyone did. So if you hastily deleted your Instagram account yesterday, you’re an idiot and didn’t get all the facts first. You probably just saw one of your friends post something on Facebook (who just copied it from someone else) and assumed they knew what they were talking about. This happens all the time on Facebook… Look into things for yourself before you make a big stink over something, and don’t believe everything you read on Facebook.

So as of today, you’re Instagram account is fine, nothing at all has changed, and nothing will change until Mid-January. Even at that point, the things you think will change, aren’t going to. You’ll still own the rights to all your photos, Instagram will not be selling them to advertisers… none of the stuff  people were bitching about yesterday will happen. The only thing that will happen is Instagram will be monetized in some way, but it won’t be through the selling of your photographs.

If you would have taken 5-minutes to at least look into the situation you would have seen that nothing is set in stone until January, so there would have been no reason for you to delete your account already. I bet 90% of the people out there would never have known the ToS changed had their uninformed friends not reposted/retweeted things on social media. I guess that’s just the way the world works these days.

Take a second to read the full blog post over at Instagram and see exactly what isn’t going to happen to your pictures come Mid-January.