Insignia Blu-Ray Player Not Playing Nice With Olevia TV

Earlier this week Best Buy had a deal on their house brand Blu-Ray players, if you are a reward zone member you get $50 off the 2 models of Insignia Blu-Ray players that they carry (with coupon). So seeing as how I’ve been getting a little annoyed lately that I cannot watch my Netflix Blu-Rays in the bedroom I decided that for either $99 or $150, this player may not be a bad purchase. The models differ in the fact that the $150 one has wireless capabilities as opposed to having to run an ethernet cord from the bedroom out to the router, so I went with the wireless one. I needed to have it hooked up to the network because the other reason I bought it was because it has Netflix streaming capabilities which I previously only had in the family room on the Xbox 360.

So I picked up the player on Wednesday and brought it home and set it up. I didn’t have an HDMI cable at the time because a co-worker had an extra one that he was going to give me the next day, so I had to hook up the player using composite cables and only watch a DVD that night, no big deal, but this is when I discovered a problem that is going to be kind of a headache.

Along with this cheap Blu-Ray player I also have a cheaper 32″ Olevia LCD TV in the bedroom which I purchased about 3 years ago. I have no complaints about the TV, in fact it’s perfect for what I need and I’ve never had a problem. I actually liked it so much I recommended it to my brothers and a couple friends who all bought the same one. So anyways, I pop in a DVD to watch as I’m falling asleep Wednesday night and get into bed. I immediately realize that the volume on the TV is too low for my liking so I press the volume up button the TV remote, but along with the volume on the TV going up, the Blu-Ray player also started stepping back in the movie.

Initially I thought that I had rolled over onto the Blu-Ray player’s remote and hit a button, so I hit play on the Blu-Ray remote and stopped the stepping back of the movie and then proceeded to press the “sleep” button on the TV remote to set the sleep timer. Again, the movie starts stepping back… it turns out that any button I press on the TV remote sends the step-back command to the Blu-Ray player, which is not going to be fun to deal with. Now when I did get an HDMI cable yesterday and tried a Blu-Ray instead of a DVD it wasn’t as big of a problem. The Blu-Ray player is obviously still picking up the commands from the TV remote, but apparently Blu-Ray movies (or at least the one I had in) blocked the step-back function during playback so I was just greeted with a red circle with a line through it indicating that, that function wasn’t available at that time.

Now I’m pretty sure this is not a defective Blu-Ray unit because the Blu-Ray remote works totally fine with the Blu-Ray player and does not interfere with the TV, so I don’t really think returning the player and getting a new one is going to solve this problem, it seems like a remote frequency problem to me. And I understand that Best Buy builds their Insignia brand by taking the left over parts from older models of other brands and jamming them all into a rebranded case, which is probably what lead to the remote issue. And even though Olevia is now out of business I have to imagine that they were doing the same thing, taking old model parts from different TV’s and jamming them in a case with their brand on it. So I don’t know what to do here, I could try to return it and hope that another unit has a slightly different frequency, but I’m pretty sure it’s not going to or I could just suck it up and go buy a cheap universal remote and see if that works, but again if it’s a frequency problem that’s not going to help at all as whenever I hit buttons pertaining to the TV they will still affect the Blu-Ray player.

So I’ll probably just end up dealing with it, it’s not a huge deal to me right now as it is just a bedroom Blu-Ray player that I watch while going to sleep, but I just found it very interesting that this was happening and wondered if anyone else had similar experiences with any electronics…

And for those interested the Model Number on the Insignia Blu-Ray player is NS-WBRDVD and the Olevia TV is 232V.

Update 10/24: Looks like Insignia just released a firmware update that seems to have fixed this issue, thanks Insignia!