How To Jailbreak Your iOS 6 Device – Including The iPhone 5

how to jailbreak ios 6 iphone 5

Yesterday a group by the name of the evad3rs released “evasi0n”, a jailbreak tool for all iOS 6 devices except the Apple TV 3 (which is still uncrackable). The tool was released for free for Linux, Mac OSX and Windows. Ever since the first iPhone I’ve jailbroken my phones. At first it was the only way you could install any apps on the phone… yes, there was a time when the iPhone didn’t have an AppStore, and Steve Jobs really didn’t want one. Once the AppStore came to be, there was less reason to jailbreak, but that didn’t mean there was no reason not to. Jailbreaking opens the phone up to 3rd party apps and modifications that Apple will not allow in the AppStore. Stuff like custom themes, reworking of notifications, tethering, things of that nature. These are the reasons I jailbreak my phones.

Of course there’s always the seedier side of jailbreaking. People figured out a way to pirate AppStore apps and make them available for download through an easy application called Installous. Installous basically acted as an AppStore, but all of the apps were free, despite how much they might cost in the official AppStore. The team behind Installous has since retired the app, making it a bit more difficult to obtain free AppStore apps, but it’s still not impossible. I would suggest though, if you’re only reason for jailbreaking is to pirate AppStore apps, I wouldn’t bother. However if you want full access to everything your phone has to offer, and access to some really cool modifications, I highly suggest it.

The other question that’s come up recently is the legality of jailbreaking your phone. There was a law that went into effect at the end of January that stated it was now illegal to unlock your phone without your providers permission which has lead to some confusion. There are lots of articles out there that don’t know the difference between unlocking and jailbreaking, and a lot of people that are confused as well. I’m one of those people that gets really frustrated when people use the wrong terminology (uploading/downloading is a huge pet peeve of mine), so I just want to clear this up. Unlocking without your providers permission is now illegal under the new law. What that means is that you, personally, cannot unlock your phone from it’s carrier for use on another providers network. For example, if you have an AT&T phone and you want to use it on T-Mobile, you will need to unlock it before it will work. In order to do so, you will now have to get permission from AT&T in order to unlock the phone. AT&T is actually pretty good about it if you’re out of contract and were a good standing customer with them; they just unlocked my iPhone 4 for me when I upgraded to the 5 and switch carriers. So that’s “unlocking”, jailbreaking is totally different and the act of jailbreaking your phone is legal. If you chose to install pirated apps, well, that’s when it becomes illegal, but the actual act of the jailbreak itself is legal.

How to Jailbreak Your iOS 6 Device (Including the iPhone 5, but not including the Apple TV3)

Now, how do you actually jailbreak your phone… it’s extremely simple. First make sure you backup your phone to the cloud or to your computer. Temporarily turn off the lock code on your device (you can turn it back on once the jailbreak is complete). Once you’ve done that, head on over to and grab the tool for your computer. The tool will basically walk you through the entire process which takes about 5 minutes. You’ll launch the application, then plug in your phone via usb. The application will recognize it and get to work, do not touch your phone at all until it asks you to. The phone will restart and then the application will ask you to unlock it and click once on the app it has put on the home screen (after your last app). The screen will flash for a second and look like the app crashed, but that’s all it has to do. The application on your computer will detect that and finish up. My phone restarted 2 more times at the very end and then that was it. Cydia will be installed on your desktop which you can then use to search for jailbreak apps.

If you have any questions about the jailbreak itself, how to do it, what apps to get, feel free to leave a comment and I’ll be happy to try and help.