Google Wave Invites To Give Away

Google has finally rewarded me with the ability to give out invites to their new service Google Wave so in turn I want to give a few away to the readers of this site. I will give away 2 invites to 2 random people that leave a comment on this post, the comment must revolve around what future event or release in the entertainment/tech industry you are looking most forward to. It can be a DVD release, a theatrical movie, a video game, maybe the start of the NFL playoffs or the Saints losing a game or maybe a new cell phone coming out… just something in the future related to the entertainment/tech industry.

The contest will run until November 15th November 20th, please make sure you include the email you wish to have the Google Wave nomination sent to in the email field (not the body of the comment), it will not appear to the public, but I’ll be able to see it.

And remember these Google Wave Invites are more like “nominations” meaning they are not instant, but it moves your name up on the list of people waiting to get in. It could take hours or weeks for you to receive it, but I will send a screenshot showing that I have indeed nominated you. Thanks for reading the site, we appreciate it.

Update: Since there were only 4 entries I’ve decided to let the contest run a little longer, however I did send an invite out to the lucky winner of the first invite (Nick) and hopefully he’ll get his invitation soon. But for those still looking to receive an invite to Google Wave don’t worry, the next invite will be given away on November 20th whether or not there are any more comments.