Facebook on iPhone Not Good For Stalkers

Not that I’m a “stalker”, but I have run into this problem twice now and had I actually been stalking people, my identity would have been given away. So when you view peoples pictures on the iPhone Facebook App, you can scroll through them by swiping your finger from side to side, depending on which way you want to browse. No problem there, except for the fact that if you hold your finger on a picture for too long it will think you want to “tag” that picture. So two times now I’ve tagged myself in random pictures that I was not in, only because I was trying to swipe to the next picture, but instead the app thought I wanted to tag it and since I thought it was being unresponsive I lifted my finger and put it on the screen again just as the list of names came up, thus tagging myself in a picture.

So be careful when browsing pictures of people on the iPhone Facebook App, you could wind up tagging yourself and thus giving away the fact that you’re looking through someone’s pictures.