Facebook Fan Check Virus

Some people are quite gullible when it comes to this kind of stuff. Fan Check is a very stupid, very annoying Facebook fad going around for the past couple weeks that people are now claiming is a virus. Well I hate to burst your bubble, but the app isn’t a virus and nor does it work like people think it does.

People installing this app (and others like it) think that it’s going to track people that view their profile and basically let them know who the top 20 stalkers of their profile are. Sorry, but that’s not how it works and there are no apps out there that still work to see who’s visiting your profile. There used to be pixel tracking methods to do this on MySpace, but they have since plugged all the holes that allowed that and Facebook has done the same thing.

Well then how does this app work you ask? Well it was pretty obvious to me as soon as I saw who’s “Fan Check Top 20” I was on how it worked. It basically just takes into account your interactions with different people. Things like wall posts, comments, “liking” things, tagging, etc, anything that publicly links you to another person is taken into account and probably scored in some sort of system and then ranked. I can tell you that I don’t ever go to one of my friends profile page on Facebook and really barely even talk to the guy, but I ended up in his top 20 because I recently tagged an few old pictures of him and we had quite the comment conversation going on a couple of them.

And those of you that are worried that it’s a virus, first of all you have to add the application yourself in order for it to work on your profile anyways. You being tagged in a picture doesn’t do anything to your computer, but then again neither does adding the application. It doesn’t install any sort of software on your machine, it’s not coded using some malicious code that’s going to delete everything on your drives, it’s a stupid application that has spread like wildfire over the last week because people think it does something it doesn’t. The real threat from virus’ comes from searching the web for a fix for this so-called virus that doesn’t exist. Those sites out there claiming to have a fix are the ones you should be worried about as there is no virus so there is no fix, these sites are probably just going to try to get you to install some downloadable anti-virus software which in turn will make them a couple bucks, don’t fall for it. If you’re really worried just remove the application from your Facebook account and go about your business. It’s just another dumb application that’s leading to the demise of Facebook. The main reason that MySpace has died off in recent years is due to the clutter. Facebook was known as the clean, upscale version of MySpace which is why people started moving their accounts over, but with all these applications and notifications coming through every day Facebook is starting to go down the tubes. However, they did recently launch a Facebook Lite for those that don’t want to deal with the clutter, which is nice.

So long story short, Fan Check on Facebook is not a virus, there is no “fix”, don’t go to any site claiming to have one.