Could Facebook’s Redesigned Newsfeed Mean Bigger Ads? Who Cares…

facebook newsfeed update ads

Facebook announced today that they will be rolling out a new look to the newsfeed over the course of the coming weeks. The updated newsfeed will feature much larger and richer images and updates; in my eyes, it’s a huge improvement. You can head on over to if you want to sign up to possibly experience it early, or if you just want to check out the new changes.

Now just because I’m excited about these new changes, that doesn’t mean that everyone else is. There are already people out there complaining that they don’t want the change, they didn’t like when Facebook changed the Timeline so why would they change the newsfeed, blah, blah, blah, STFU. First of all if Facebook went back on all of the design changes they ever made because of people complaining on the internet, you wouldn’t have a newsfeed at all, hell you wouldn’t even have a wall… Change is a good thing (except when it’s called Beacon), so quit bitching about it until you’ve actually sat down and experienced it for yourself. Second of all, Facebook is now a public company, they have to do what is best for the company and, in-turn, best for their investors. And guess what, if Facebook isn’t making money from ads, then investors aren’t buying stock and nobody is happy. Which leads me into the ads argument.

I’ve read a few articles already that say that the updated Newsfeed is going to make ads much larger, and more in-your-face than before, which could be extremely distracting and annoying. Ok, then close your account. Nobody is forcing you to be on Facebook, people got along just fine without it for thousands of years, there’s no reason why you absolutely need a Facebook account. On top of that it’s a free service; you’re not paying anything to use this amazing tool yet you still complain about ads. If there were no ads on Facebook you would be paying a monthly fee to use it, and I’m guessing that the majority of you would not pay for it. Whatever ads do show up on Facebook are already catered to you as a person (0r a profile), so most of the ads that show up should at least be of interest to you. Facebook has collected tons of data on every one of it’s members and it uses that information when displaying ads, so it’s not like when you’re in Las Vegas and those guys on the street are trying to give you cards to every strip club in town… unless of course you like a bunch of strip clubs on Facebook, then I guess you might be seeing those ads… but I digress.

Be happy with the fact that Facebook is a free service that allows you to connect with people you never thought you’d be able to connect with again in a million years. Be happy that all you have to deal with is a couple ads showing up on your screen in order for it to remain free. Maybe in the future they’ll offer a flat monthly fee that will allow you to remove ads and live your Facebook life free of clutter, but I bet even if that happens you still wouldn’t want to pay for it….