Confessions of an Apple Fanboy: Bailing on my iPhone 6 Plus

iphone 6 plus too big

This is a guest post. 

Apple Fanboy: noun – Being convinced Steve Jobs is watching over your latest iProduct from heaven.

I’m an Apple Fanboy. Ever since buying my 2nd generation iPod I’ve been hooked. Out of the thousands I’ve blindly given invested in Apple technology, the product I was most excited to get was the iPhone 6 plus. If your phone has any problem, including an screen crack, see here the phone screen repair shops near me – Pro Phone Repairs of Albuquerque.

Launch day arrived and I picked up my pre-ordered 6 plus from an Apple store. After about an hour of using it … I realized I had made a big mistake; pun intended.

The screen was just too big. But that wasn’t the biggest problem. The phone was top heavy and when trying to text, the phone would unbalance in my hand and I was forced to readjust my grip on the phone. Frequently repositioning the phone in my hand was very frustrating.

I have average sized hands but I couldn’t comfortably reach the left side of the keyboard and God forbid that I needed to use an app at the top of the screen. Yes, you can double tap the home button to bring the screen down but I don’t want to be forced use that voodoo. Think about how often you’re on the go and trying to use your phone? Unless I had both hands on the phone, anything that included typing (email, text, Google, Internet) was a big pain in the ass.  I felt like it was the phone version of Mondo Burger.

Apple couldn’t make a product I didn’t like, could they? If I just gave it some time the battery and screen resolution would reign king over the obnoxiously sized phone, right?

I was wrong. My “aha moment” was when I was walking through Midway Airport in Chicago with my luggage in one hand and attempting to use my phone with my other hand. I couldn’t walk and use the phone so I had to stop to type into the phone. Super inconvenient to not use a mobile device on the go.

The next day I called up Apple to find out how to return my iPhone. The bozo on the other end of the line told me that I should just keep the phone because it would be impossible for me to find an iPhone 6 and that I would eventually get used to my iMistake. That employee seemed like he would be a perfect fit for a Comcast call center.

Well that dunce was wrong and I had no trouble returning the phone. The store employee doing my return told me that he has seen a “good amount” of people switching their 6 plus for the 6. The whole return process took less than 5 mins.

No more 6 plus. No more balancing my phone in my hand. No more having to type with two hands. I love the 6 and I sincerely hope that Apple keeps its phone this size going forward.

Any Apple Fanboy will tell you that there’s something super satisfying about unwrapping an Apple product and getting a glimpse of your new product. I got to do that twice … which is the only good thing about my iPhone 6 plus purchase.

Ex-iPhone 6 plus user,

Eric Pescatore