Twitter is basically “mini-blogging” or the same as your Facebook status just with less people looking at it. It’s more of a niche market right now, but it seems to be growing by leaps and bounds and a lot of celebrities and famous people are taking to twitter to get in touch with their fan base and get their name out there. Sure anyone can make a twitter and claim to be a celebrity, but the list below is twitter accounts that are actually run by the person themselves. Some accounts, like Britney Spears, is maintained by a fan group that apparently has access to her, but it’s not her, so the posts are generally not that personal. All of the accounts below are actually used by the person that claims to use it, if you know any others that I don’t have (which I’m sure there are a lot) please feel free to leave a comment and I’ll post it on the list. If you know or have proof that one of the ones I’ve posted is not, in fact, real, please let me know.

Hollywood – Actors, Directors, TV Hosts, etc.

Diablo Cody (Writer of Juno) –
Kevin Smith (Writer/Director) –
Jimmy Fallon (Actor/Comedian) –
Luke Wilson (Actor) –
Layla Kayleigh (Model/Actress/TV Host) –
Olivia Munn (Model/Actress/TV Host) –
Kevin Pereira (TV Host, G4) –
Seth MacFarlane (Creator of Family Guy) –
Ashton Kutcher (Actor) –
Demi Moore (Actress) –
Rachel Bilson (Actress) –
Robert Kelly (Comedian) –
Rumor Willis (Daughter of Demi/Bruce) –

Music Industry – Musicians, Etc.

Pete Wentz (Fall Out Boy) –
Patrick Wilson (Weezer) –
Sara Bareilles –
MC Hammer –
Questo (The Roots) –
Xzibit –
Nick Cannon –
Talib Kweli –
Fred Durst (Limp Bizkit) –

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Curt Schilling (MLB Pitcher) –
Shaquille O’Neal (NBA) –

Internet Famous – CEOs, Founders, Site Owners, etc.

Kevin Rose ( Creator) –
MuscleNerd (Hacking iPhone Dev Team) –
Tony Hsieh (CEO –
Robert Bowling (Infinity Ward Community Manager) –
Major Nelson (Xbox Community Manager) –

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