Apple Tablet Specs?

Even though we are only hours away from the official announcement, Jason Calacanis, Founder of Weblogs Inc, decided that he was going to tweet out some of the specs to the Apple Tablet. Now whether or not he really decided to violate his NDA hours before the actual event or he just wanted to blow smoke up people’s asses, here is what he said. Take this all with a grain of salt because honestly I don’t believe all of it, especially because his first tweet read “Note to press: No, not going to break my NDA w/ Apple/steve so u can get jump on announcement. It is the most *amazing* device ever”.

  • Built in HDTV Tuner
  • PVR (digital recording abilities)
  • A Chess Game
  • Video Conferencing
  • Price Points of $599/699/799 depending on size/memory
  • Also available are a wireless keyboard + monitor connection for TV
  • Runs an iPhone OS flavor with multitasking
  • Battery Life is good when reading e-books, 2-3 hours when on wifi or playing games
  • 2 Cameras (front/back)
  • Thumb pads on each side for mouse gestures
  • Reads Fingerprints for Security, Up to 5 Profiles by Fingerprint per Family
  • OLED Screen
  • Solar Pad on the back for Recharging, but it’s slow
  • Verizon, AT&T and Wifi Connections
  • Connects to other Tablets over Wifi for gaming

Now while I would love to believe every bit of information Jason has dropped on us, I’m going to have to go with my gut in saying, again, that he’s blowing some smoke up our asses. For one, I think a ~10″ OLED screen would make the pricing of the device a little more expensive than $599 considering the largest OLED screen in production right now is around 11″ and costs ~$2500, and I’m highly doubtful of the HDTV tuner w/ PVR, but if this specs are real I will definitely be ordering one of these things even though I could probably do without it.

I’ll be back during the keynote to post the actual, 100% legit, specs and information regarding Apple’s Tablet later today.