Apple iPhone OS 4

The presentation is over so here’s a quick recap of what was discussed today. First off iPhone OS 4 will come to the iPhone 3GS/3G and iPod Touch 3rd Gen/2nd Gen this summer, but not all features will work on the 3G and 2nd Gen (like multitasking). If you have an iPad you won’t get to play with OS 4 until the fall. This is just a quick overview, so if you want more info check out at

1. Multitasking – As I predicted, this will be implemented, although it doesn’t sound like the full apps will run in the background, only different pieces of apps. But don’t worry, you will be able to do things like listen to Pandora while in another app, or be notified of incoming Skype phone calls while not having the app open in the foreground.

2. Folders – This is another thing that I wrote about earlier that I hoped would be in here. Basically it allows you to group apps into folders instead of having pages upon pages of apps to scroll through. I’m really happy about this.

3. Enhanced Mail – Man, I’m 3 for 3 up to this point. They’ve made some changes to mail, the biggest ones being that you can view all inboxes in one combined inbox window as well as setup more than one exchange account.

4. iBooks – eh, not really something I thought they would announce today, but essentially it’s the iBook app that was demoed for the iPad, just on the iPhone.

5. Enterprise – Better encryption for emails and attachments, the ability for developers to encrypt aspects of their apps, ability to add multiple exchange servers and probably more…

6. Game Center – This is kind of cool, but the developers of things like Open Feint may not like it. Essentially it’s like Xbox Live, you can add friends, challenge them to games and get achievements in games.

7. iAds – A new way for developers to incorporate advertisements into their free apps. Instead of having ads send you out to safari when you click them, this will open right within the app and the ads can be built to do all sorts of stuff. I actually thought this was pretty cool and think that a lot of advertisers could do some pretty cool things with these.

So that’s a basic rundown of what was announced today. Apple did say that this was only 7 of the 100 new features added to iPhone OS 4 so there’s probably more cool things buried in there. And hopefully some more stuff will leak out today since the developers preview of the OS is being released today.

So what did you think of the announcement? Do you like what Apple is bringing to the OS? I know I was a little disappointed that there was no update to the lock screen… I would really like my calendar there without having to jailbreak…