Apple iPhone 4.0 Predictions

Today at noon central time, Apple will preview the latest operating system for the iPhone, iPhone 4.0 so I thought I’d take a minute and give you my predictions for what Apple is going to show us and then I’ll come back and post the correct information. Remember, this is just a preview event, chances are the new OS will not be released until after the newest iPhone model is announced at the end of June.

1. Multitasking – Everyone is aware that the iPhone does not have the ability to run multiple apps at once (unless you Jailbreak). Apple’s answer to this was to use push notifications to send your phone a pop up message when something happens in an app. I really don’t have too many issues with the push notifications other than the fact that they can be unreliable and are not always delivered correctly. So multitasking is probably the biggest rumor for today’s announcement, but I don’t think it’s going to be what everyone is expecting. I don’t think we’re going to see background apps like we do on the Palm Pre or the Android phones, but instead some new Apple twist on the idea. I’m not sure what it is, maybe only certain apps, maybe only a limited number, who knows, but I’m guessing this will happen today.

2. Ability To Print – There have been rumblings of a “print” feature coming to the iPad so I think this will be part of todays announcement, but not just printing from the iPad but the iPhone/iPod Touch as well. It only makes sense that with all the apps coming out these days and the iPad’s office suite of applications that you be able to print stuff you do. I could even see Apple releasing a proprietary printer that you can plug both the iPad or iPhone/Touch directly into, to print from, but at first I think we’ll just see Wifi/Bluetooth printing abiities.

3. Revamped Lock Screen – This one is kinda of a personal wish. One of the only reasons that I chose to Jailbreak my phone this time was so that I could have my calendar events on the lock screen. I hate having to unlock the phone and click into the calendar app to see what I have coming up. I’m hoping Apple has revamped the lock screen to include things like recent texts and emails, calendar events, voicemails and whatever else. There are some really cool one out there in the jailbreak community, so I hope Apple has taken note.

4. Better App Management – This is another thing on my personal wishlist, the ability to organize apps more efficiently. All I want is the ability to put apps into folders instead of having to scroll through screen after screen to find what I want to launch. Again, this can already be done with jailbreaking so why not implement it. It only makes sense to rethink the app management since the main focus of the phone these days is the apps.

5. Integrated E-mail Accounts – I, like many people, have multiple email addresses setup on my phone and I find it really annoying that in order to check all the mail that comes in have to back out of 1 email account and go into the others. An integrated mailbox would be ideal.

6. Message Indicators – Sure, if you get a text message you get a popup, but with an email you just get a ding and if you don’t hear or feel your phone in your pocket you would never know you had an email without unlocking the phone and looking at the mail icon. Why not add message indicators to the top bar of the phone next to the battery life and alarm indicators.

So those are my predictions and hopes for the iPhone 4.0 software that is being previewed today. I’ll be back after the announcement to tell you exactly what Apple announced, but in the meantime what do you guys think will make it to iPhone 4.0, and what features are you wishing for?