Dear Apple and Adobe,

Why does Flash for OSX suck so much? I mean it works fine for Windows, isn’t a memory hog, and won’t crash my browser. Every other aspect of my beloved OSX is superior whats so special about Flash that it cant get along? You guys are both huge mega successful companies, isn’t there anyway the 2 of you could possibly throw a couple people at the problem to help out the people who made you so large and rich and successful in the first place? Thank you for your time.

Zack Morris

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  • I am too lazy to look the link up, but it’s very simple actually.

    Apparently, Apple doesn’t open up the APIs to do hardware acceleration, Microsoft does. So Flash on Windows uses hardware acceleration, OS X doesn’t. Nothing Adobe can do about it.

  • Zack Morris

    I dont doubt that it very well could be Apples fault but that doesn’t make it ok. A company the size of Adobe should be able to figure something out but then again as HTML5 picks up steam it could very well turn into a nonpoint