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  • Mortal Kombat Kratos Reveal Trailer

    Looks like Kratos is going to try his hand at Mortal Kombat.. This video premiered on Saturday at the VGA’s on Spike.

  • Creative Vado HD Impressions

    I recieved my Creative Vado HD mini video camera in the mail yesterday and was immediately impressed by how small it was. When we were at Best Buy on Tuesday I played around with the Flip Mino (I dont think it was the HD version) and it seemed bigger than what I thought it was…

  • Gears of War 2 Map Pack Available Now

    If you weren’t watching the Spike Video Game Awards last night you missed out on a few things. One of them being the announcement of the Gears of War 2 map back and the fact that it was released last night! The map pack includes the maps: Flood, Gold Rush and Fuel Station and will…